So, hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. I think I finally did enough testing to say: “okay, here are the best missions for farming relics”. I’ve been farming relics for a couple of months now and I always take notes on how long the mission took and how many relics I got.

And at the moment I’m sitting on 1038 relics even though I have been using some of them to get the new primed items and ducats. I have 261 Lith relics, 213 Meso relics, 404 Neo relics, and 160 Axi relics.

How To Farm Lith Relics

So, let’s go over the missions that I’ve had the most success with when farming them. The best mission for farming Lith relics has to be Spear on Mars. It drops all the Lith relics on rotation A which is waves 5 and 10 and if you run with something like Ember with a world on fire build you can easily do 10 waves in under 6 minutes. Now you don’t need Ember to run this mission efficiently you could run something like speed Nova or whatever really but Ember makes this really really easy and fast. Because you just turn on world on fire and run from one side of the tileset to the other.

Also, if you are running something like Ember and you want to bum rush the waves to get your relics as fast as possible it’s better to do it solo rather than with a random party. Because when you’re running solo you have far fewer enemy spawning in so you don’t have to kill as many of them. And you also won’t have to worry about your party members running all over the tileset causing the enemies to take cover in weird places and generally just slowing the enemies down. The drop chance on relics is not 100 percent so every now and then you will get a random mod something like vitality or trick magazine but most of the time you will get a Lith relic on waves 5 and 10.

How To Farm Meso Relics

Moving on to Meso and the best one for farming those, in my opinion, is IO on Jupiter. And this is basically a corpus version of Spear on Mars for Meso relics. It’s actually a little bit better than Spear on Mars because the tileset is even smaller and the spawn locations are close to each other so if you’re running with something like Ember with the world on fire build you can do 10 waves in under 5 minutes. All you have to do just turn on world on fire and run from one side to the other.

Now I would very much recommend bringing in an automatic weapon to deal with nullifiers because you will get a couple of nullifiers going from wave 5 to 10. If you run this with a bow or a sniper rifle, it’s either going to take you a while to take the bubble or you’re going to have to run into the bubble which will deactivate your world on fire. So, what you want to do is just bring an automatic rifle and start peppering the bubble as soon as you see it. Once the bubble goes down the nullifier will just die from world on fire or whatever you are using to kill the enemies. Just like with Spear, the relics don’t have 100% of chance, every now and then, you will see stuff like endo but most of the time you will get a relic on rotation a which is waves 5 and 10.

How To Farm Neo Relics

Moving on to Neo relics and the best mission in my opinion for farming those is Hydron on Sedna. This is another great defence mission tileset. It’s pretty small and the spawn points are once again very close together. However, the enemies are much higher level than they were on Spear or IO so, Ember isn’t actually that effective. And ten waves are going to take more like 10 to 12 minutes.

Warframe neo relics farming

I personally have three different setups, that I use for Hydron and the one I use depends on what I actually want to do on Hydron. So, if I just want to farm Hydron solo I’m going to use Saryn Spore Build. I’m using very high-efficiency setup so, it’s not as power-hungry and I don’t have to use like a bazillion energy restores but it’s kind of slow.

The second setup I use is resonating Banshee and this one is much faster but also far more power-hungry so, if you don’t have any Trinity with you, you’re going to have to use a lot of energy restores. This setup can get somewhat expensive if you just want to play solo because you will have to use energy restores, but if you’re playing in an organized party where you have a Trinity and a buffer frame it is amazing because it’s straight up the fastest way to get through the waves on Hydron. So, it’s awesome for farming relics and if you have a lens on your Banshee it’s also very good for farming focus.

And finally, the one I use the most on Hydron leeching Trinity EV Build. This is a setup that I use for levelling weapons. I will simply unequip everything except the weapon I want to level up. I go into Hydron and I give people energy using Energy Vampire and heal them using Blessing. However, there is a downside to running this setup because even though you are giving people energy and you are healing them you don’t have any damage. So, the speed at which you clear waves is up to your teammates. And if you get into a party that’s full of leeches and no one has any damage it’s going to take 10 to 15 minutes to do five waves. And once again, the drop chance of the relics is not 100%. So, every now and then you will get a random mod and they drop on rotation A which is waves five and ten.

How To Farm Axi Relics

Warframe axi relics farming

Finally, we have Axi Relics. Hydron does reward Axi Relics on rotations B and C which is waves 15 and 20 but if you just want to farm Axi Relics it’s better to go onto Hieracon on Pluto. Hieracon is one of the few excavation missions that you can still do solo because it doesn’t suffer from the idiotic enemy spawning if you’re in solo mode. So, even though there will be times where your excavator will be out of power it’s not going to happen very often. The rewards on Hieracon our overall really good because in rotation A which is excavators 1 and 2 you can get a 400 endo pack and on rotation B which is excavator 3 you can get Neo relic and then finally on rotation C which is the fourth excavator you can get an Axi relic. The reason, why I chose Hieracon rather than Hydron for Axi relics is because you simply get to the final rotation much faster, especially if you’re running in a party that can run two excavators at once. And getting a party on Hieracon is not hard at all because it’s a very popular farming location.

After update The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2 some of the relics can be acquired only through completed Void missions. These relics are Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1, and Axi S3. You can read which of these relics drop which parts here: Prime Vault Unsealed - Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime. New Relics Drop Table.

Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Drop Table

If you want to get your hands on Zephyr Prime Tiberon Prime or Kronen Prime relics I suggest you read this article to find out which relics you need.

It’s pretty much it for the article. So, just a quick recap, in my opinion, the best missions for farming relics are Spear on Mars for Lith relics, IO and Jupiter for Meso relics, Hydron on Sedna for Neo relics and Hieracon on Pluto for Axi relics. I’m not saying that these are the only missions you should farm and the other ones are useless, all I’m saying is that these are the missions that I’ve had the most success with when it comes to farming relics in the last couple of months. Thank you very much for reading as always, I hope the article was helpful and I will see you next time, bye bye!

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