Hey guys! Since Plains of Eidolon came out, I got a very interesting question: “would you mind doing a walk through or a “daily to do” in Cetus?

I am pretty sure some of you are overwhelmed by all the new content.. so many new farmable resources/items and so many NPC’s in Cetus with even more items and blueprints! So what I’m going to show you today is..”How to get started in Plains of Eidolon”. Without further ado, let’s begin.

If you’re in Cetus for the very first time, there is almost nothing you can do. You don’t have any Ostron Standing and you are not able to buy anything.

In order to get some Ostron Standing, talk to Konzu.

Konzu is a very important NPC, he can give you the Quest for Gara called “Saya’s Vigil” and most importantly Bounties.

Bounties are missions in the Plains with several stages. Stages such as.. Escort, Defense, Assassinate, finding caches and so on. Completing a Bounty rewards you with one of the listed items and a lot of standing.

Once you earned 1000 standing via Bounties talk to “Old man Suumbaat”. This NPC is selling a Nosam Cutter for 500, a very important tool for mining.

Next, to him, another NPC called “Fisher Hai-Luk”. As you can already imagine, here you need to buy a spear for fishing, it’s the Lanzo Fishing Spear for 500 standing.

Now you are able to farm a lot of resources and standing at the same time! Fishing, for example, simply find a nice spot.. the sea, a lake or just a pond. Also, a Loot Radar  is amazing(not for fishing but in general), especially in the beginning where you need to collect pretty much everything in the map. So, if you’re interested in catching some fishes, don’t be upset if they don’t spawn immediately, just be patient!

Depending on your location, you are able to catch many different types of fishes, each type has its own spawn location(sea, lake, pond). Catching a fish is also affected by Resource Booster.

Next, we have the Nosam Cutter for mining, this requires a little bit more effort but at the end definitely worth it due to the very high standing income. The right indicator shows you how far away an ore is, the first version of the cutter has a radar of 30m, the second version already 45m. The left indicator simply shows you how many ores are nearby.

The more accurate you are, the more Ores/Gems you gonna get. Red Ores are just crafting materials but Blue Ores are way more important, giving you a lot of standing.

After your farming session, head back to Cetus and talk to Hai-Luk and Suumbaat again.

Azurite, Devar, Veridos and Crimzian are the only things you get from blue ores in the beginning.

Same goes for the fishes, but here it’s a little bit different. You can either select the  “Provide” button for extra standing or “Cut Bait”  for many resources, important resources. Especially the Fish Oil is an important resource for crafting the Archwing Launcher for the Plains. So, in the beginning, I would recommend you to choose the resources.

Well, that’s about it for today’s article. Once you acquired a higher Rank and more standing  - there are so many things you can do. Using Baits or Dyes for better fishing results and so on.