Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at the one and only Stradavar Prime.

How To Get Stradavar Prime

Now, just like with any other prime weapon, you get the parts for Stradavar Prime from relics. Look at this article to find out which relics you need to crack open and what are the best places to farm these relics.

Stradavar Prime Fire Modes

The Stradavar Prime just like the standard Stradavar comes with two different fire modes a fully-automatic mode and a semi-automatic mode that you switch between by pressing the secondary fire button. And it’s not just a fire mode change because the stats for each fire mode are completely different.

Stradavar Prime Stats

Now, the weapon requires you to be at least mastery rank 12 to use it unless you bought it with Prime Access or platinum then you can use it right away.

For the full-auto mode, the weapon does 30 damage per shot with 10.5 as impact, 10.5 as puncture, and 9 as slash. It has 24% crit chance, 2.6x crit multiplier, 12% status chance, and it can fire up to 10 rounds per second.

For the semi-auto mode, the damage jumps all the way up to 80 with 48 being slash 24 being puncture and only 8 being impact. It has 30% crit chance with 2.8x crit multiplier, and 22% status chance. But unfortunately the fire rate will go down to 3.33 which is pretty low and it means that there will be a delay between each shot and you simply cannot fire as fast as you can click unless you add a lot of fire rate. Also the semi-auto mode will drain 2 rounds per shot. The one additional benefit that you get here is a punch through onr meter which is very nice.

And other than that the Stradavar Prime is very accurate in both modes though the full-auto mode is a little bit less accurate it has 19 rounds in the magazine with 540 rounds in total and a reload time of 2 seconds. It comes with 3V polarities which is extremely nice for a primary weapon and that means that the two builds I have for you today don’t require any forma whatsoever. You just need to slap on an Orokin Catalyst and get the weapon to its maximum rank.

Stradavar Prime Build

Stradavar Prime Corrosive Build

The first build is a little bit more front-loaded and it’s running Serration for damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike for crit chance, Vital Sense for crit damage. Then Argon Scope for the additional critical chance on a headshot when you’re aiming for 9s. After that High voltage and Malignant Force for corrosive damage and Thermite Rounds for the heat damage.

Stradavar Prime Corrosive Build

Now, this Stradavar Prime Build while not as strong as the second build does feel better with the low level enemies sort of 50s to 70s because as I’ve said already it’s far more front-loaded and it’s also made more towards the full-auto mode rather than the semi-auto mode because you want to proc corrosive a lot, one or two stacks of corrosive aren’t gonna do that much. Though it will still perform admirably with the semi-auto mode especially when you’re fighting something really tough and you want as much damage as possible. However, if all you want is just big chunky damage this is the Stradavar Prime Build that I would run instead.

Stradavar Prime Hunter Munitions Build

Stradavar Prime Hunter Munitions Build

This one’s running Serration for damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike for crit chance, Vital Sense for crit damage, Argon Scope for the additional critical chance on a headshot. Then Hunter Munitions for additional slash procs on a crit, and finally, we have Malignant Force and Rime Rounds for viral damage.

Now, this Stradavar Prime Build is not as front-loaded as the first one but it scales a lot better as the enemies grow in levels. So, it will blast through the Star Chart because it is more than enough front-loaded damage for that. Then it will sort of start to lose to the first build between levels 50 to 70 but as soon as you go up to 80-100 and beyond 100 it will start to win again.

It’s also far more effective with the semi-auto mode rather than the full-auto mode because the damage distribution is tilted more toward slash you get more crit, more status, and generally more damage. And it’s also far more versatile because if you have viral and slash it doesn’t really matter which faction you’re fighting you’re still gonna reduce their health by half and then bypass armor and shields whereas the actual corrosive proc is only effective versus armor. So, it’s kind up to you as to which one you choose based on what you’re doing or you can just have both and switch between them.

In conclusion, the Stradavar Prime is actually quite nice and I’ve had a lot of fun with it so I would highly recommend you check it out. And it’s pretty much all I wanted to say. So, thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Stradavar Build article and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Stradavar Prime Build Video