Hello everyone. Today I’m bringing you a quick review of the Grineer assault rifle called the Argonak.

Argonak unique mechanism

Now, this weapon is boasted for having a unique mechanism that lets you see enemies and it also highlights them for an ultimate distant kill. Now, we already have several rifles with unique mechanisms in the game. However, this one beats the rest of them with a little bit just lacking and following behind the Zenith when it comes to the alternate fire modes.

Argonak stats

The Argonak comes with 57 total damage spread mostly in-between impact and slash. On full auto, it has a very low crit and a high status chance at 27%. On semi-auto, the Argonak carries a 27 critical chance 2.3 multiplier and a 19% status chance.

Now, this is a hitscan weapon so you really don’t have to lead your shots. You can instantly hit a lot of these enemies as soon as you point your reticle towards them. So, this is a really great thing considering there some of the other weapons that came in it said you have to lead them just to get to those enemies. Now, one of the things that a lot of people are going to like about this is also the fact that the Argonak will work very well with armored and fleshy targets. So, this means that it’s going to work very well when it comes to the Grineer faction and also when it comes to the Infected. Now, if you face a high-level heavy gunner you can expect to take it down within 6 to 7 seconds because that critical chance and that slash proc will help you a lot in the long run. Now, it is also good against shielded targets but I will say it is not as effective unless you mod it differently maybe for impact or you mod it a little bit for some blast damage or some magnetic procs.

So, how does the laser sight work? Well, to be frank, it’s only nice at night with a silence mod or whenever you are using this with Banshee or a silenced Loki. The range for highlighting enemies is within 90 to 100 meters and the highlighted color is to be the same as your rifles energy color. Zooming in actually gives you that advantage that you are looking for unfortunately these mechanics are not as impressive enough to trade you Soma for it or even replace some of your sniper rifles. The Argonak is good but not going to save you and actually give you the wow factor that you are expecting from this. However, if you must use these, let’s say you like something unique you like the design and you like the way that it feels in how it sounds the old fire mod will be the best to take advantage of. And it also does more damage, it is more accurate, and also more and more efficient when it comes to things like this you should also look into a Carrier preset mod or actually mod that using ammo mutation for a low ammo pool that it has of course.

Argonak Build

My current Argonak build

Now, the Argonak comes with a V and a dash polarity so you only have to forma this maybe once or twice at the most. Maybe if you have a riven mod than you might have to forma it three times. The weapon can be acquired from your clan dojo after all the requirements have been met and after everything has been built. However, I also say that you need a forma and also you need five detonite injectors to craft this. So, those can be a little bit of a push and also the fact that you actually have to be a mastery rank 7 to use this. So, I really see a lot of those as a huge sacrifice considering the fact that we even have better weapons that require a lower master rank. However, if this is your style, you like the design, you like how it feels, how it functions, I will say go for it.

The last thing to also note about the Argonak is that it will lock and jam in place if you run out of ammo. So, I will advise you to go ahead and reload the moment you start hearing that clicking sound. Other than that, that’s it for this article. Hope you guys find it informative and interesting as well. I’ll see you all in the next one.