Hey guys and welcome to another weapon build article. Today we will take a look at the Sybaris Prime. Worth the effort or not, let’s find out!

Sybaris Prime is a lever action rifle and always consumes 2 bullets of your clip per shot. Since the weapon is pretty strong, you gonna waste a lot of ammo, because most of the enemies need just 1 of your 2 bullets. A Punch Through mod like Shred is actually highly recommended and helps you to kill even more enemies, especially in Survival missions where all the enemies are running towards you.

Warframe Sybaris Prime Utility

The stats are also very promising. A base crit chance of 30% and even a status chance of 25%. A magazine size of 20(10 shots) with a decent fire rate of 4.72. Against all the different enemies on the star chart, no problem! As I already mentioned, most of the time you just need 1 or maybe 2 shots for killing level 30+ enemies.

Even though the status chance is very high, 78.1% with two dual stat mods. The damage falls off very quickly if you are facing against armored units and even all the Corrosive procs won’t help you to deal more damage. You have to reload too many times and you gonna waste too much time for just one Heavy Gunner. The only way to deal more damage is get rid of the armor by using Aura Corrosive Projection, Augment mods etc. A viral build is actually very strong after removing the armor! Level 150 Bombards and Heavy Gunners, dead after just a few hits.

Sybaris Prime Build that I use

For my Sybaris Prime Build I’m using:

Serration and Split Chamber for the damage.

Infected Clip + Stormbringer for Corrosive damage or Malignant Force + High Voltage for a status corrosive build.

Point Strike, Argon Scope + Vital Sense, Bladed Rounds for a decent Red Crit(15.5% chance) build.

If you don’t own mods like Argon Scope or Bladed Rounds you can, of course, use something like Shred. You can basically equip whatever you want to in these 2 mod slots.

For the Viral build, simply equip Malignant Force + Rime Rounds if you want to have a lot of status chance or the 90% mods like Infected Clip or Cryo Rounds for way more Viral damage. For the best result, I actually recommend you to use Infected Clip and Primed Cryo Rounds, but the problem is, it would mess up the whole build and you need a D polarity. If you want to deal as much damage as possible, Primed Cryo Rounds is very important. It’s a huge damage difference.

Sybaris Prime 4 Forma Build for damag

Overall, a very strong weapon, no doubt. The stats are great but it gets outdamaged by other weapons. Especially if you’re facing against a group of infested enemies, you have no chance. You are able to kill a few enemies but since it’s a burst weapon and you only have a small magazine size, you have to reload way too many times. I can only recommend the Sybaris Prime if you are really a fan of the weapon type itself.

Well, that’s already it for today article. Hope you enjoyed reading and I see you already in the next article.