Hey guys! Welcome to another Weapon Build article and today we’re gonna take a quick look at our newest primary weapon the Baza.

Baza is a submachine gun. It’s definitely not the first submachine gun in the game. I think something like the Gratata would also qualify for a submachine gun but Baza is the first silent submachine gun. Baza is also very tame, especially when compared to the other weapons that we have in the game that tend to be more on the bombastic side of things. Baza is more sort of realistic. If you want to get your hands on this weapon you can get a blueprint from the Tenno lab in your Dojo. Now, we haven’t had enough time to actually research it yet so I don’t know what the build requirements are but the research requirements aren’t too bad. It needs 10,000 credits, 1,500 alloy plates, 5 morphics, 1750 salvage, and 300 plastids. And this is, of course, skilled up based on the size of your clan.

Baza requires you to be at least mastery rank 7 and it does 16 damage with each shot: 5.8 is impact, 6.7 is puncture, and 3.5 is slash. So, the damage spread is pretty well balanced. It has a decent crit chance of 26%, very nice crit multiplier of two hundred and eighty percent. Though it only has 10% status chance. It has 800 rounds in total, 40 rounds in the magazine, fire sixteen point six seven rounds per second and has a very snappy reload time of 1.4 seconds. On top of all of that Baza is also incredibly accurate and has no recoil whatsoever.

So, it’s kind of hard to find any faults with the weapon. However, there are a few. First of all, the damage fall-off. It starts at 22 meters and ends at 34. So, it’s basically like a shotgun and it’s only effective at short to medium range. And second of all, and this is something that may get fixed in the future, the reload can be unresponsive at the time. Sometimes I press the reload button and the weapon just doesn’t reload. And it has the same issue that the Vectis had before Plains of Eidolon. So, there is a short delay before the weapon starts reloading automatically once you empty out your magazine though this can be bypassed by pressing the reload button. It’s definitely not a big deal. It’s just little bit irritating from time to time.

Baza 2 Forma Build that I use

Now, the build is simply a crit based Hunter Munition build that requires two Forma where you add two V’s. It’s running Serration for more damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike for critical chance, Vital Sense for critical damage, Argon Scope for even more critical chance on headshot, Hunter Munitions which gives you a 30% chance to leave behind a slash proc when you crit an enemy, and finally, we have Rime Rounds and Malignant Force for viral damage and more status chance. This synergizes really well with the slash procs from Hunter Munitions because it essentially makes them do double damage.

Now Baza is a bit of a beast. The high crit chance with high crit multiplier just synergizes really well with a Hunter Munition setup. This weapon just does an absolute truck ton of damage and it doesn’t matter if the enemy is a bombard with loads of alloy armor, a heavy gunner with loads of ferrite armor, an infested unit that has a ton of health or even one of the beefier corpus units like corpus wardens that have a lots of proto shields Baza just doesn’t give a damn.

Now, as I mentioned, in the beginning, this weapon is also completely silent but it’s very different to the other silent weapons that we have in that game because most of them just do a ton of damage with each shot. Baza doesn’t, which means that if you’re fighting stronger enemies you are not going to kill them with the first shot and they will be alerted. So you don’t get the affinity multiplier. However, it does not alert the entire planet like the other rifles do so, it’s actually really nice for stealth characters. And I’ve really been enjoying it on my Loki. I actually remembered one more downside that I forgot to mention earlier the magazine size is pretty small for the amount of fire rates you have, and you’re gonna be reloading sort of every two to three seconds with this. However, this is once again not that big of a deal because you can use mods to increase the magazine capacity so, the only real downside of this weapon is the short range. And if that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, you should definitely pick it out because this weapon is just awesome. I love it! It’s kinda funny you know, in a lot of other shooters this weapon would be like the most boring thing ever. Ooh, another silent submachine gun with minimal recoil but in Warframe that’s actually kind of unique. It’s really cool to play with something a little bit more grounded every now and then. So, yeah Baza gets a big thumbs up from me it is an awesome weapon and you should definitely check it out. That’s pretty much it for the article, I thank you very much for reading as always and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.