Hey guys and welcome to another article. This is the first article of a little series where I want to show you how to Earn Platinum in a very fast and easy way.

Platinum is very important, whether you want to buy some Weapon, Warframe, Companion, Slots or just some Cosmetic Items. You always need Platinum for that. In this article, I want to focus a little bit more on helping newer players. So what are you going to do is, we are playing some Vault Runs, if you are not familiar with Vault Runs, let me explain that real quick.

First thing first, you need a Clan with an Orokin Lab. Inside the Lab you are able to buy Dragon Keys, just buy all of the 4 existing Keys and craft them.

Dragon Keys are required to open Vault

Equip one of the 4 Dragon Key(you can only equip 1 at a time). And ask three of your friends to equip the other Dragon Keys, each person needs a different key. If you don’t have any friends, you can, of course, use the Recruiting Chat (just type - LF Vault runs).

If you found a group, join an Orokin Derelict Capture or Orokin Derelict Exterminate. These two missions can be completed in just a few minutes. (Mission blueprint in the Market) Just complete the objective of your mission and try to find the Vault, a very suspicious looking door.

Here is example of a Vault - a way to platinum

Once you found the Vault, mark it and tell your allies which Dragon Key is required. Open the Vault and take the Artifact, only one person has to take the artifact. Then simply go to the extraction point and you will receive a Corrupted Mod. These mods have positive and negative stats at the same time. In total, we have 23 Corrupted Mods in the game. 6 out of 23 Corrupted mods are very popular, everyone needs them and many people want to buy these mods. Since each mod has an equal chance of dropping. It’s also kinda easy to farm them.

The most popular mods are:

  • Overextended ~ 20 Platinum
  • Narrow Minded ~ 20 Platinum
  • Blind Rage ~ 20 Platinum
  • Fleeting Expertise ~ 25 Platinum
  • Transient Fortitude ~ 30 Platinum
  • Heavy Caliber ~ 20 Platinum
  • Just keep in mind, it takes around 1-5 minutes for mission and you are able to get 15-30 Platinum. Well, that’s about it for today’s article. I hope you enjoyed reading! See you!