Hello guys! Welcome to another Warframe farming guide and this is going to be a very quick article showing you how to efficiently farm Oxium.

So, you need to know first of all that Oxium only drops from Oxium Ospreys. So, with that let’s jump right into it. And before I proceed, it’s important to remember that you always need at least one Nekros on your team. This Nekros will have to use his third ability Desecrate and have the Despoil Augment mod equipped. This is going to make a significant difference in the amount of Oxium you’re able to farm.

Oxium only drops from Oxium Osprey

So first up, it’s a defense mission IO in Jupiter. Jupiter is unlocked quite early on, so it’s very newcomer friendly. But experienced players may find it to be a good source of both Meso relics and Oxium. So, a four-man team preferably one Banshee or Ember or something to clear the mobs quickly and stay for ten waves and then get out. It should only take you about five minutes and will provide a good source of Meso relics on top of your Oxium. So, to underline the importance of Nekros, without Nekros I got less than 100 Oxium and with Nekros I was able to get 150 Oxium or more within 10 waves.

Alright, so now for the second spot. It’s Galatea in Neptune. So, Neptune is one of the later planets and because of that, this is more suited to more experienced players. Galatea is a capture mission which means you’ll be running around a lot. It’s important to remember you should have a group of four playing this because of the additional mobs it’ll spawn. You’re gonna get Oxium Ospreys all over the mission in this one. So, with a group of four, they’ll be all over the place and you’ll be raking in the Oxium. So, capture the target and then remember to keep moving around if you camp new mobs will not spawn and it’s just going to be a waste of time for you. Try to find a big open space that you can run in circles in and the enemies should keep spawning and you should be able to get a good amount of Oxium. On my own, I was able to get the same amount of Oxium in the same amount of time that I would have got with the team of four on IO in Jupiter. So with the team of four, you’re going to get upwards of 200 Oxium per 5 minutes here and it’s going to be a very very good farm.

So lastly, of course, you don’t just stay for five minutes at Galatea stay for upwards of 40-45 minutes or maybe an hour to get 2,000 Oxium or more than that if you’re efficient enough. But in IO on Jupiter I highly recommend you stay for 10 waves and then repeating because it’s simultaneously one of the most efficient ways to farm Meso relics. And those are the ways that I prefer to farm Oxium. Let me know in the comments if there are any better ways to farm Oxium. I do hope this helped you out and I’ll see you guys soon.