Hey guys. Welcome to another Warframe article and today I want to take a quick look at our newest secondary weapon the amazing the beautiful Akbolto Prime.

Now, first things first if you want to get your hands on the Akbolto: the Blueprint is a common drop from the Neo M1 relic, the Barrel is an uncommon drop from the Lith C2 relic, the Link is an uncommon drop from the Lith S7 relic and the Receiver is a rare drop from the Axi A3 relic. The hardest part here is definitely gonna be the receiver not only because it’s rare but also because these are akimbo pistols so, you need two receivers and two barrels in addition to one blueprint and one link but trust me when I say that these are very much worth the grind. Here you can find out how to farm relics in Warframe.

Now, these do require you to be at least mastery rank 13 to use them unless you buy them with prime access then Akbolto Prime has no mastery requirement whatsoever. The Akbolto Prime does 32 damage with each shot, 1.3 is slash, 27.5 is puncture and 3.2 is impact. And this is a less than the Telos Akbolto and even the original Akbolto. However, the Akbolto Prime has a higher status chance of 14% a much higher crit chance of 36% and a massive crit multiplier of 2.8x. The Akbolto has 40 rounds in the magazine and it’s very accurate. The Akbolto Prime comes with four polarities three V’s and a dash. While these do have lower fire rate than the previous versions of only seven rounds per second they can still fire as fast as you can click especially once you put on some mods. Though bear in mind that if you do go full ham and you bind the fire button to like your mouse wheel you are going to run into some serious ammo issues.

Akbolto Prime Build using a riven mod

Now, the build I went for is a three forma build where I’ve added two V’s and a D. However, I am using a riven mod and if I didn’t have a riven I would go for the standard hybrid setup which is this one:

Akbolto Prime budget Build using primed mods

This one will actually scale better later late game we’re talking level 150 or 250 and above. But since I generally don’t go over level 100 I went with the riven setup which is far stronger around sortie level.

And mods are pretty straightforward. We have Hornet Strike for damage, Barrel Diffusion for multishot, Lethal Torrent for fire rate and multishot, Primed Pistol Gambit for critical chance, Primed Target Cracker for critical damage then Pathogen Rounds with Convulsion for a lot of corrosive damage and finally my riven Akbolto Acricak which has a ton of puncture damage a lot of critical multiplier at the cost of doing slightly less damage to the Grineer which is not a big deal whatsoever because the weapon does a ton of puncture damage which is a really good versus armor. I played around with a ton of different builds. I try to squeeze in slightly more status here and there increase the critical chance or increase the critical damage and stuff like that. And while this one doesn’t have the best of later late game scaling as I’ve mentioned earlier, it is just fine right around sortie level. It just melts enemies and it doesn’t matter which faction you’re fighting which I really like. I don’t like swapping mods around based on the faction I’m fighting. I will happily sacrifice a little bit of damage if it means I don’t have to faff around with mods every time I want to do an alert.

The only time I swap my elemental combos around is when I’m fighting the Eidolon Teralyst where I switch over to radiation. Speaking of which the Akbolto Prime is an absolute beast when it comes to taking down the joins on the Teralyst especially if you have a frame that can increase your damage like Roar Rhino. The Teralyst just melts.

Now, I know that some of you may be thinking well what’s the point of showcasing the weapon with a riven that kind of ruins the whole thing and don’t worry I did also test the weapon with sort of a budget build. This one right here:

Akbolto Prime budget Build

Which is not using the riven or any primed mods. And while it’s not as strong as the riven build or the hybrid build it still does more than enough damage to do sorties for you it’s just gonna take a couple more shots when you run into one of the beefier enemies but the smaller units should go down in one bolt. And speaking about bolts, this may be seen as a bit of a downside for some people because the weapon does fire bolts and the bolts have travel time. So, you need to lead the target and the further away the target is the harder it gets but then again the bolts do fly at 75 meters per second so, it’s not too bad.

And now we come to the conclusion so what do I actually think about the weapon. Well, I love every little bit of it. It is absolutely awesome. It’s pretty damn strong so, you can easily slap on some quality of life mods and it’s not gonna be that big of a deal. It sounds awesome. It has just the right amount of kick. It looks awesome and it’s just fun as hell to use. There is no reason you should do not pick this weapon up if you have the opportunity. It is just amazing and gets a big thumbs up. I love it! And that’s pretty much it for the article so, I thank you very much for reading as always guys and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.