Hey guys and welcome to another article. Today I want to talk about the Affinity/ Experience mechanic and how to level up correctly.

I see many people, almost in every group, leveling up their equipment in a wrong way or in a very inefficient way. Many players think that your Companion steals your Affinity while leveling up your equipment. That’s wrong, you can always equip a sentinel for example. For even better results, equip a Smeeta Kavat for a possible Affinity Buff. All companions get experience separately. That means if an ally kills an enemy your equipment and your companion will get the 100% exp.

Alright, let’s talk about the important things right now. What exactly happens if an ally kills all the enemies around you?

If an ally kills all the enemies, your whole equipment gets, of course, the 100% exp of all killed enemies. But how much does your Warframe really get and what about your weapons?

Your warframe always gets 25% exp of all killed enemies, no matter what. It doesn’t matter how many weapons you have equipped. Speaking of equipped weapons.. a weapon can get 25% 37.5% or 75% exp depending on how many weapons you have equipped in a mission.

If you unequip every single weapon, this specific weapon gets 75 %, two weapons equipped = 37.5% and all three weapons = 25% per weapon.

So, if you really want to level up a weapon as fast as it’s possible, just equip one single weapon and let your allies kill everything.

But what if you want to kill the enemies on your own?

Let me tell you, the Affinity mechanic is completely different! Let me demonstrate what happens if you kill all enemies with your warframe abilities.

What happens if you kill all enemies with your warframe abilities

My warframe got 100% of the entire exp, my Weapons 0%. This is very important so keep that in mind. Never use your abilities if you want to level up your weapons unless it’s some sort of dmg buff ability. Because your warframe gets 100% of the exp,  this is a perfect way to level up a warframe.. but only if you have good AoE abilities to kill all your enemies around you.