Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article and today we’re gonna take a quick look at Khora signature melee weapon the Dual Keres which have been released a few days ago with the Beasts of the Sanctuary update.

Now, first things first if you want to get your hands on Dual Keres you can simply buy the blueprint from the market for twenty-five thousand credits and if you then want to build them you have to invest additional twenty thousand credits, two argon crystals, 230 oxium, 13250 salvage, and three tellurium.

The Dual Keres are dual swords that require you to be at least mastery rank seven to use them. They do 44 damage with each hit - 25.5 a slash, 13.2 is a puncture, and 5.3 is impact. The Dual Keres have an attack speed of 1.25 which is really fast, the highest crit chance of all the dual swords - 28%, and the second high crit multiplier at 2.6x. They also have a decent 14% status chance, block 60% of the damage which is okay, and they have a dash polarity in the stance slot which matches Crossing Snakes and Carving Mantis. They also have a very high riven disposition but I have a feeling this is going to go down pretty fast.

Dual Keres Build

Now, I played around with a couple of different builds but the one I ended up with and the one I like the most is a very simple one forma build where I’ve just added a V.

Warframe Dual Keres Build

So, the stance I’m using is Carving Mantis because it matches the polarity which is nice and also it has slash procs on I think actually every single combo which works really well with it. Then we have Primed Pressure Point for damage. Blood Rush for more crit chance as we build up our combo counter. And to sustain our combo counter we have Drifting Contact which also adds a little bit of status chance. Then I decided to go with True Steel which catapults you into red crit territory very quickly and I have Organ Shatter to scale those red crits as well. After that, I have Berserker for a ton of attack speed. And I finished it off with Virulent Scourge and Vicious Frost for viral damage and a decent amount of status chance.

Now, the reason I didn’t use Condition Overload which would make a lot of sense on a weapon like this is because this weapon kills things so fast that by the time you proc enough status to actually take advantage of Condition Overload the enemy is dead. So, there’s really no point in using Condition Overload unless you’re fighting enemies that are around level 200.

Also, I didn’t use Reach or Primed Reach because the range of the weapon is so short it actually feels like a waste of a mod slot because it doesn’t add an awful lot of range. That’s basically the only downside of this Dual Keres the short range. Everything else is just fantastic. Though I must say the stances can feel a little bit iffy at the time. So, that may be seen as a bit of a downside as well.

There’s also no reason to switch your element of combos around we can just fight everything with Viral which would be really good for the Sanctuary Onslaught because you’re fighting all the factions if the weapon had more range. But as it is right now the short range just makes it not very good for Onslaught. You’ll most likely be hemorrhaging efficiency from zone 3 onwards. The Dual Keres feels amazing when the enemies grouped together and you can just carve right through them but as soon as the enemies start spreading around which is most of the case with the Grineer you will start hemorrhaging efficiency really fast. But that doesn’t mean the Dual Keres is bad. Most weapons aren’t good for Onslaught. It’s actually quite the opposite it is really good.

So, the Dual Keres is a beast which is why I was quite surprised when I saw that it was given strong riven disposition to start with because if you have a really well-rolled rival this thing is going to be a monster. Because it’s already really good even without a riven mod. So, unless you’re really bothered by weapons with short range or just don’t like do sword stances I would highly recommend you pick this up especially since it only requires mastery rank 7 and it’s a relatively cheap as well. And I don’t think there is much else to say about the Dual Keres. It’s just a really good weapon. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.