Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the newly released Tenno polearm called the Cassowar. This is the right from the name of the bird cassowary and the tip of this gorgeous melee looks like the head of that bird further confirming the fact that that is the inspiration for this weapon.

Now, this weapon comes with a 70 total damage with most of it being on slash and puncture. It has a low critical chance of 6%. So, I’m sorry to say a critical build will not be viable for this weapon. However, it does make up for a lot of things with the high status chance at 28% making it very very viable when it comes to a good status build. This is a master rank 5 weapon and you can get this from your clan dojo at a very early stage because master rank 5 is quite easy for a lot of players to approach. The riven disposition for this polearm is also a little bit above average so, that is good news. It has an attack speed above 1 so, this also means that you don’t have to equip Fury if you don’t need to because this is quite fast so, that is quite easy and a really great thing for us as well.

Now, when it comes to the reason for suggesting and want to get this what will be your main reason for buying this polearm or even what will be your main reason for building it. The answer to that is quite simple but in various ways. The first one will be the amount of slash and the amount of puncture that you have on this weapon. Slash causes procs and is able to stack quickly against flashy targets. Puncture is able to reduce damage output and also deliver high damage to heavy armor, robotics, and even flashy units. This makes you effective against flash units, some corpus units and even a lot of infested units as well. Now, the second great thing about this is that 28% status chance. This is almost a 30% which also means you can get a lot much closer to 100% status chance and with your dual stat mods that is even getting a lot much sweeter to build. Now, slash and puncture in Warframe are very effective when combined with a high-status weapon so, this will be a great thing when it comes for late-game in Warframe because this is where status really matters. You will find most people talking about crits being a really good thing however when it comes to really high level in Warfame status is where all that matters. Status is the high-level slayer. You can shred a level 100 and above which status in just a few seconds.

Now every elemental combination will not work to its fullest on this weapon so, the best thing for me that I’ve tested and gotten great results from is going to be a viral build and also with radiation. Now my modern set up does not require any forma so, it’s great to hear that you don’t have to worry about formaring this weapon. All you have to do is max it out and you are good to go.

build for cassowar 0 forma

Now I added prime pressure point and reach to reach for a damage and also an extended range. Now, that is also something that is going to be very important. You want to take advantage of that damage and you also want to take advantage of that range. Condition overload is also very important for that extra damage on all status effects since we are going to be adding all dual stat mods. Now, I’ll also say Life Strike is not a must so, you can switch this out for any other mod that you have in your arsenal and for some of the elements of mods you can switch them out for a really good Riven mods as well or you can former this just once or maybe twice to switch some things around or change some of the polarities if you add a Riven mod. Now as good as this weapon is I will not suggest that you drop in 180 platinum on it just because it’s a low master weapon and there are also other really good status melee weapons in the game so, would be better just building it. Well, that’s it for this review let me know if this convinced you to get this weapon and let me know if it deters you from it or if you will be thinking about it in the future. Thank you very much for reading this article, hope this helps and I’ll see you in the next one!