Hey guys and the Balor Fomorian Event is back once again. So, in this article, I’m going to tell you all about the Balor Fomorian Event and what you have to do.

Now, this is a consequence of the Invasion System and it’s an archwing alert where you can farm Imperator Vandal parts and some endo as well.

However, you cannot do the mission unless you have a Fomorian Disruptor equipped in your Gear Wheel. It’s a one-time-use item that you should have gotten a reusable blueprint for when the event started. Now, each one of these is going to cost you 1,250 credits, 3500 nano spores, 300 cryotic, four omega isotopes, and it’s going to take one minute to build. But, where do you get omega isotopes? Well, they simply drop from enemies on the planet that currently has the Fomorian on it.

you need to craft Fomorion Disruptor

Once you finish building one or more of the Fomorian Disruptor simply equip them into your Gear Wheel and go and do the mission. Now, as I mentioned already, this is an archwing alert so you cannot do it if you don’t have an archwing.

And the mission is pretty short and simple. You are deployed to the mission and there is a bunch of Grineer Zeplen between you and the Fomorian, in addition to a bunch of random Grineer archwing units. Now, if you get too close to one of the Zeplen it will project a spherical field that you cannot pass through so you will have to destroy the Zeplen on your way to the Fomorian. Now, there are ways to avoid the Zeplen completely but it doesn’t really save you that much time so you might as well just destroy them.

Once you make it to the Fomorian you will have to destroy two shield generators one is on the left and one is on the right They’re both on the upper part of the Fomorian. Once you destroy both shield generators you have to fly down a little bit and then into the Fomorian via a narrow entrance where you will find the core.

The core you need to damage

This is where you have to use the Disruptor. So, simple position yourself close to the core, go into your Gear Wheel, pop the Disruptor, and then start shooting at the core. This will give you a 30-second window where you can damage the core.

Now, you ideally want to do at least 1 million damage here so what you want to do is shoot the core nodes because each core node you destroy will multiply your damage done to the core by 25%. Now, doing 1 million damage on your own give me somewhat difficult especially if you’re just using the Imperator and you don’t have an AoE weapon like the Fluctus. And if you’re really having trouble hitting that 1 million marks simply jump into a public squad where you have more people doing damage and destroying nodes at the same time. And there’s also a pretty good chance that someone is going to be running something like the Fluctus and absolutely destroy the core on their own.

Once a 30-second EMP window is over you have to bolt out of the ship and fly at least 350 meters away before the timer runs out. Because if you’re not at least 350 meters away from it when it explodes you will fail. And that’s it. That’s pretty much the entire Balor Fomorian Event.

You just want to repeat this mission over and over again and either you get endo or the Imperator Vandal parts or get the final rewards which you will receive from Lotus via mail as soon as you finish the mission where you did 1 million damage. And it’s a blue potato and 200 thousand credits. And that’s pretty much it for the Balor Fomorian Event Guide. I hope it was helpful. I wish you good luck when farming whatever you want to farm from this event and I will see you next time. Bye-bye!