Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe guide article. And today I going to show you where to get Octavia parts.

just octavia blueprint without octavia's parts

How to get Octavia Neuroptics

So, the first mission we’re going to do is the Orokin Derelict Survival and this is where we’re going to get the blueprint for the Octavia Neuroptics. It drops on rotation C which means that you have to spend at least 20 minutes there to have a chance of getting it.

But a drop rate for the Octavia Neuroptics is very low so you probably will spend more than that in the Derelict. I personally got it on my second try but I was really lucky that day. So, I suggest you build lots of Orokin Derelict Survival keys, go to the recruiting chat, type something like “LF ODS [Octavia Neuroptics]“, and I believe a party will quickly find you.

Also, I would recommend that you bring with you such frames like Equinox, Loki, Oberon, Volt, Trinity, Frost, Mesa, and Banshee because it will significantly simplify your life in the Derelict.

How to get Octavia Systems and Octavia Chassis

The second mission we’re going to do is the Plato crossfire extermination on Lua and I would recommend bringing in some decent gear because you will most likely end up fighting the sentients in here. Also, a good tip for fighting sentients is that if you hit them with your operators being they will lose all their resistances making them much easier to kill. Now, this is the mission where we’re going to get the systems and the chassis.

The Octavia Systems is exclusive to this one so you can’t do any other missions, but the Octavia Chassis can be obtained in some other missions. So you will most likely end up getting the chassis before the systems because the blueprint for the systems is a reward from the caches. Now unless you’re extremely familiar with this tileset and the rooms within this tileset I would not recommend trying to find all three of them at all because it’s good to explore and try to go into as many rooms as possible but if you make it all the way to the extraction and you haven’t found all three of them I will just extract. Because you don’t need all three of them to get the blueprint for the systems. Yes, it’s better to have all three of them, because every single one has a chance of getting you the blueprint.

But more often than not when you go back from the extraction you’re just gonna end up running in circles because it’s really confusing. It has a ton of ginormous rooms and nooks and crannies where these caches can be in. And it’s also a good idea to replay this mission a couple of times because you want to find this room right here.

Hidden music room

This is the room where you’re going to get the blueprint for the chassis. Now, this room can spawn in other missions as well. So you don’t have to do this one specifically. However, I managed to find it three times before I got the system’s blueprint from the caches. Now, this is a short memory puzzle, so interact with a console that’s near the top and it will play five different notes and light up their corresponding pressure plates as they play. And to finish the puzzle you just have to step on the pressure plate in the same order to play the same melody.

Once you do that it was spawn a container at the top of the central tower which will give you the chassis blueprint. Now there doesn’t seem to be any RNG associated with this. If you find this room and you finish the puzzle the container that you find on top will drop the chassis blueprint which makes sense because you would have to go against two levels of RNG. First of all, does the room spawn and then does the container give you the chassis. So unlike the caches which are not guaranteed to give you the systems blueprint, this will give you the chassis blueprint every time.

All octavia's parts at once

And let’s quickly go over the resources, so for the Octavia Chassis you’re going to need: 6000 Polymer bundles, 25,000 Salvage, 1500 Plastids, and 3  Neurodes. For the Octavia Systems you’re gonna need: 2000 Kuva, 3000 Circuits, 5 orokin cells, and 20 morphics. And finally, for the Octavia Neuroptics you’re going to need: 1000 Oxium, 2600 Plastids, 4800 Polymer bundles, and 5 neural sensors. And that’s pretty much it for the article. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you found it helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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