Hey guys and welcome to another warframe build article. And today we’re gonna check out Loki Invisibility Build.

When it comes to Loki I only use one build that I like to call the Irradiating Invisibility Build which is unsurprisingly a combination of invisibility and irradiating disarm. But the build is very flexible so it can very easily be skewed either towards invisibility if we just want to go in sneaky style or towards disarm if you want to cause more mayhem. And I will show you an example of both. So, if you end up not liking this particular setup you can try one of the other ones.

Loki Combination Of Invisibility And Disarm Build

Loki Prime Build

Now, for this particular setup, I chose Energy Siphon as my Aura for multiple different reasons. Number one, we’re going to be spamming a lot of abilities so we always want to have a nice bank of energy. And number two, we’re using Quick Thinking as our defensive mod. Loki is basically the only warframe where I can stomach it. And then I’m using Cunning Drift and Overextended to balance out Narrow Minded and get some additional range for disarm. Which as I mentioned already is followed up by Quick Thinking which will drain your energy to prevent you from dying. Now, the reason why I don’t usually use Quick Thinking is because whenever it happens whenever you take lethal damage and it drains your energy instead you will be staggered which is number one annoying and number two very dangerous unless you’re invisible. Because then you’re not really taking that much damage and it’s more of a safety net for when something like a bombard rocket blows up next to you. So, the stagger is not that big of a deal.

But to make Quick Thinking effective you need to have a big energy pull so I’m also using Primed Flow which also allows me to just bank lots of energy for either invisibility or disarm. Then we have the augment slot where you can put kind of whatever you want I’m mostly running Irradiating Disarm here to also proc radiation on enemies that I hit with disarm. However every now and then I will swap it for Hushed Invisibility if I want to call some mayhem with something like the Corinth. I then wanted a little bit of efficiency so I went with Streamline and didn’t want to go with Fleeting Expertise because I want high duration and it just makes abilities a lot cheaper. And we top it all off with Augur Message, Narrow Minded, and Primed Continuity for a ton of duration. And it just increases the duration for invisibility but also the radiation proc you get from Irradiating Disarm.

I like this build a lot. I love how flexible it is and how much fun it is as well. You can use this Loki build for a ton of different stuff. You can, for example, use it to farm focus. Now, it’s not gonna be as good as something like Equinox because crowd control is generally better than stealth because if you crowd control the enemies they’re not gonna wander around and maybe see that body or maybe spot you in the distance. But it’s still good and you can still use it to cap your focus. It’s also really good for sorties and not just for the combat ones where you’re mostly gonna be spamming disarm while remaining invisible. You can use it to cheese all different kinds of sorties.

Now, another really cool thing about this setup more specifically radiating disarm that I don’t think a lot of people know about is that you can have a lot of fun with it in the Kuva fortress defense mission. Because not only can you irradiate the turrets making them fire at absolutely everything you can turn all the traps in that mission against the Grineer if you hit them with radiating disarm. Because if you irradiate the Grineer the traps no longer see them as an ally and they will start taking damage from absolutely everything. It’s actually really strong and funny if you get a sortie defense mission on this tileset. So, definitely try this if you’re running the irradiating disarm version, speaking of which, let’s take a look at some of the variations of this Loki build that you can run.

Loki Invisibility Build

Firstly, we have the invisibility version where you sacrifice some range for more duration so invisibility lasts longer. You can also add some sprint speed like I did over here.

Loki Prime Build towards invisibility ability

Loki Disarm Build

And the second example focuses more on disarm. So, we sacrifice a little bit of duration for more efficiency and range. This makes disarm much cheaper so you can spam it pretty much throughout the entire mission and you’re also covering a large area with each cost.

Loki Prime Build towards disarm ability

And that’s pretty much it. So, just play around with the different versions and figure out which one you like the most. Now, as always the build and all of it variation will work both on the regular Loki as well as Loki Prime, though they may require a little bit more forma on the standard version. And if you’re not quite sure how to forma it just put on all the mods and if they don’t fit look for the one with the highest capacity drain, forma for that, and do that until all the mods fit. As always, I thank you very much for reading guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful. And I will see you next time. Bye-bye.