Hey guys and welcome to another warfare build. Today we’re going to take a look at Rhino Roar Build and I love this build for hunting the Teralyst in the Plains of Eidolon . So, let’s get into it.

So, we once again start off with Energy Siphon for our Aura though what you might want to use is either Rifle Amp or Shotgun Amp because that will give you more damage for the Teralyst. I like it for the same reason I like it on Rhino Iron Skin Build. It just gives me more energy and allows me to cast abilities more often. Then to make our Rhino Roar Build really strong we have Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage that’s two ranks from the top, Power Drift, and Intensify. This gives you 281% power strength and gives you a massive damage buff on Roar. I’m then using Primed Continuity and with this, if you have a good weapon something like the Vaykor Hek that’s full-on crit it will allow you to kill the Teralyst or destroy one of its joints in one single Roar. And since most of the time it only takes one Roar to take the Teralyst down we don’t have to invest too much into efficiency. So, I’m only running Streamline which doesn’t counter Blind Rage completely but it’s enough of what we’re doing because as I’ve said already you only need to roar once.

Rhino Roar Build - build for hunting the Teralyst

Then I decided to add Stretch once I got annoyed that I wasn’t hitting everyone with the Roar because even if you’re communicating the chances are you’re not gonna be on top of each other once the shields on the Teralyst go down. Then I just have to add Primed Vigor rather than another armor mode and if you don’t have Primed Vigor by the way just slap on Vitality and it’s gonna be just fine. And this is so that I have a little bit of a buffer in terms of health and shields for when I don’t notice that my Iron Skin has gone down. Because when you’re fighting the Teralyst is you’re constantly switching between your operator and your warframe and sometimes you just don’t notice that you don’t have Iron Skin especially if you’re running the Deluxe Skin on Rhino which makes Iron Skin almost invisible. And finally, we have Steel Fiber which gives you extra health on Iron Skin and makes you tankier for when you forget to put it back up.

Now, I honestly think this is one of the best builds for fighting the Teralyst and it doesn’t matter if you’re going solo or in a party. In my opinion, this Rhino build works the best. You have a ton of power strength so your Iron Skin is really beefy and your Roar adds so much weapon damage the joints on the Teralyst or the Teralyst itself will go down in mere seconds once the shield has gone down. Especially if you position yourself correctly and you’ll hit the entire party with your Roar.

So, that’s pretty much it for the build. So, I thank you very much for reading as always. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Rhino Build and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye!