Hello guys! Today I’m doing a quick guide on farming neurodes.

Now, neurodes are one of the rarest resources in Warframe and they are very annoying to farm. So, in this article, you’ll find two locations that I’ve found to farm neurodes. One is more newcomer friendly while one is strictly for more experienced players only. So, let’s get right into it.

Neurodes Farming 2018

So, always use Nekros (How to get Nekros) and make sure to equip the Despoil Augment mod. The first spot which is newcomer friendly is on Earth and it’s a dark sector excavation mission called Tikal. So, make sure you open every container you see, eliminate every single enemy you see, and spend about 15 to 20 minutes. You should be able to get four of five neurodes if you’re lucky enough. sometimes you’ll be getting less than that but that’s just the nature of neurodes. They are extremely rare. So, in a team of four in about 15 minutes I was able to get four neurodes.

The next spot is Lua which you only unlock after completing The Second Dream quest and you’ll want to go to either Plato or Tycho. So, go in there hang around until you see the blue Oculysts and they’ll spawn the sentient. You’ll want to eliminate the sentients in a team preferably. You can do it solo but sometimes they can be a little overwhelming and may take too much time. So, what I found is that in ten minutes if they spawn on time usually five to seven sentients spawn, so eliminating them all will ground you at the very least two neurodes. Also when possible don’t neglect the Orokin caches because sometimes they do reveal neurodes which only helps your cause. The best I’ve ever done is seven neurodes with one extra found in an Orokin cache in ten minutes.

Lua a good place for farming neurodes

As you can see neurodes can be pretty hard to come by but I do hope that the spots that I’ve shown do help you out. Always remember to use resource boosters to double your drops and use extractors basing them on areas should be fine to get additional neurodes when you’re not playing. As usual, if you have any better spots to farm neurodes please do let me know because I’m always learning as well and with that, I hope this helped you out. And I’ll see you soon.

Original Warframe Neurodes Farming Video