Hello everyone! Today we’re going to continue our Warframe beginner’s guide and talk about choosing your melee weapon in Warframe.

Now, while some of the weapons are a lot powerful than others it is also good to understand that the weapon type and the stance are what makes using your melee weapon special. Melee weapons are currently broken into categories more than twenty styles in Warframe.

Melee Weapons Types in Warframe

And I know that can be very overwhelming but in my way, I will encourage you to combine them and break them down into just whips, daggers, heavy melee which is heavy weapons, swords, and shields, dual weapons, throwing weapons and sparing weapons which are the ones for punching and kicking.

As a beginner, the amount of damage you deal with your melee weapon shouldn’t be your ultimate focus. You will master all of those later on in the future and later on in the game. You always want to focus on your attack speed and the type of damage each weapon deals. Most melee weapons in Warframe will somewhat tell you what kind of damage they deal, and it is often based on how they look. So, you can detect a lot of those just by looking at it and also by looking at the stats. Now, if you’re not sure and you’ve checked the stats and you’re still not sure you can also ask a lot of people either in the chat section or some of your friends or at the comments section below.

After all, that is done and perfected you want to move to your modding setup and the modding of your melee weapon. You have what is called a stance mod and this is going to determine your fighting technique your, fighting style, and all your fighting poses whenever you use your melee weapon.

As a beginner you'll need a stance mod for your melee weapon

The rest is going to be the variation of mods to change how effective your melee weapon is. After all that has been mastered and after you’ve taken a look at that, now you want to understand that you want your weapon to be as fast as possible and you will have several mods like Fury and Berserker to help you out with a lot of those things because remember like I said damage is not going to be your first priority when it comes to using your melee weapon as a beginner in Warfarame.

Next thing is what most warframe players will often call IPS. IPS will stand for impact, puncture, and slash. Now you shouldn’t have to worry about the damage type as I said earlier you’re still new and you shouldn’t have to worry about a lot of those right now. But if the enemy looks like a robot and looks like a box then impact will be your damage type to take care of that enemy. If it looks fleshy that is going to be slash. And if it looks rugged it is going to be puncture. So, this basically describes you Corpus, Grineer, and Infested factions and that is going to be one of the things that you will have to look for later on in the game. But let’s go into the earlier phases of you just being a beginner. You want to go for a mostly slash. This will kill a lot of the enemies in the earliest stages of the game.

melee weapons beginners guide 2018

Once you have mastered those basic techniques and basic things then you want to start looking into mods that will make your job easier. Now, it’s time for you to start looking for other players builds and things that are a little bit advanced because now you have mastered the basics. And that is very important to go through the basics first before you start looking at the builds. But remember, melee builds are always evolving in warframe and they will always depend on your warframe type. So, if you look at a lot of builds and you wonder why yours is not performing a certain way? It’s because a lot of melee weapons will function differently when you pair them together with a different warframe. So, it is very important to know that and also don’t think everybody’s melee builds or everybody’s build is going to be better than yours because weapon builds in Warframe are often suited to whatever your playstyle is.

Now, before you use your melee on an enemy try using your primary and secondary weapons first because that will be very important so you won’t have to engage in a close combat. Let your melee be your last resort. And when facing an enemy in a melee combat in Warframe you must take the terms of engagement. You must use terrain evaluation and also your warfarme powers to your advantage. Last but not least, experience is going to be your best teacher in Warframe. Try any weapon you can craft and don’t rush the warframe experience. Please, take your time. That will ensure that you enjoy the game and that will also ensure that you don’t burn out. Thank you very much for reading this beginner’s guide. As always I’ll see you guys in the next one.