Hey guys! Welcomed back to the Warframe beginners guide. On this article, we will talk about leveling up and mastery rank.

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Warframe Affinity

As you’ve played the game, you’ve probably noticed these small numbers that appear when you kill an enemy.

Warframe gain affinity

This is experience referred to in the game as affinity. Affinity can be gained most commonly by killing enemies, but also by completing certain challenges and mission objectives. An example of a challenge is this one - speed kill, where do you need to get three kills within 10 seconds.

Complete challenges to gain affinity in warframe

After it’s completed you gain some affinity. Affinity you gain will be applied to your equipped warframe and weapons, and after they reach a certain level of affinity, they will gain a level or rank as the game calls it. Each weapon and warframe can go from unranked to a maximum of rank 30. Ranking up a warframe will make it gain a health, shields, and armor, and we’ll also unlock all of its abilities and their upgrades. Ranking up a weapon does not directly affect its power as it gains no stats.

How affinity works?

Now, let’s see how affinity works. Whenever you kill an enemy, you will gain some affinity. More specifically whenever you kill an enemy with a warframe power the warframe will get 100 percent of the affinity. If you kill an enemy with a weapon, the affinity will be split evenly between the weapon that did the killing blow and the warframe. You can also get shared affinity while playing with other players. The icon (triple circles) at the very top represents how many players are within affinity range.

Affinity range icon in Warframe

Whenever a player kills an enemy the affinity he gains will also be gained by all other players within affinity range. This affinity will be shared between warframes and all equipped weapons. Here you can find out how to level up in the most efficient way. You can also gain an extra affinity by performing stealth finishers. If you approach an enemy from behind without being detected, you may perform a stealth finisher kill and it will give you an affinity modifier for the next 30 seconds, up to a maximum of five times the normal affinity gain. Attacking an enemy while detected or letting the modifier run out will reset it to a normal affinity gain.

Mastery Rank

Warframe Mastery Rank

When you gain enough ranks on your equipment, you can gain a rank yourself. This is called mastery rank. This rank can be seen next to your name.  Basically, by gaining ranks with unique pieces of equipment, you will gain mastery points that will allow you to eventually rank up. When I say unique pieces of equipment, I mean that if you level up a forma’ed weapon or frame, you will not get any mastery points. You can see the weapons and warframes you’ve mastered on your Codex or Profile. Items that have been mastered, have this symbol over here.

There is a difference between the ranking up weapons in Warframe and gaining a mastery rank. While weapons and warframes rank up automatically as they gain affinity. But to achieve a mastery rank, you will have to perform a mastery test. If you succeed on this test, you move on to the next rank, but if you fail, you must wait 24 hours to be able to perform the test again. These tests will ask you to perform a different kind of tasks like killing a bunch of enemies or even sometimes parkour runs. There is a room on relays which we will discuss later where you can practice for your mastery tests. Mastery is important and it is tied to other mechanics in the game. Sometimes it can limit your progress as we will see in future guides and it can even lock you out of some pieces of equipment. And with that notes it’s time to end this part of the Warframe beginners guide. Next time we will talk about companions and how to get them. Until then, thank you guys for reading and I will see you all next time.