Hello everyone! I’m here with a quick direction on what has to be done to get Hydroid. Now, with the hype surrounding this frame here are some step by steps that will actually help you in acquiring Hydroid without platinum purchase.

So, to get Hydroid you will actually have to fight one of the most disrespectful bosses in Warframe. Now, Vay Hek will be the target to beat and doing so will reward you with the frames parts. To get every single part you will have to defeat him several times. So, be ready to go on five to six runs. Fighting Vay Hek is the mode that is quite easy but it can also be very tricky. The node for the boss will be found on Oro on Earth and upon arrival you must understand that there are many phases to which Vay Hek absent and also hops out but once you’ve played this one or twice you will know the layout on the tileset and you will know that there are things that can be dismissed and you can actually find your way straight to the fight.

You need to fight Vay Hek to acquire Hydroid parts

Now, when the fight begins you must stay away from Vay Hek as much as possible because basically, this is a boss that has a magnetic charge that will constantly drain all energy from warframes. The next thing to note is that Vay Hek will not take damage unless you take out every enemy on sight. Not saying you shouldn’t be a hero but I suggest you go with a group of friends or go in at least a squad of three to four people. Then after this, you have to repeat these things by killing every grineer and also then damaging him from time to time. I will also suggest that you come with a squad of healers, a DPS, a crowd control, and also a tank or a frame like Limbo to revive fallen allies. After about five to six times you shall have all the parts that you need or all the parts that you want.

Hydroid parts that are required to craft Hydroid

Now, the next thing is to go into the market and get the blueprint for 50,000 credits. Now, if you are short on credits, there is described one of the easiest ways to farm credits. After that is done the last step is to go into the Void and farm for Argon Crystals. You will need four Argon Crystals. One of the things that I would also like you to remember and know is the Argon Crystals decayed. They have a half-life in which they decay after a certain amount of hours. So, you must be ready to craft the Hydroid Neuroptics and also the Hydroid Chasis that need this as soon as possible. And when that is done you will have to wait about a day or day and a half. And if waiting is not your thing you can actually also rush this just for 125 platinum which is quite much lower than what you would have spent if you bought it in the market. And when that is done all you have to do is to get some fashion frame colors some really nice and cool weapons and you are set to go. I hope this was very informative and I hope that it helped a lot of you guys out. If you have questions or if you have queries about this feel free to leave that down below in the comment section. I’ll see you all in the next one.