Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the newly introduced Grineer rifle and this is going to be the Quartakk.

That rifle will leave a lot of you speechless and also leave you with a lot of mixed emotions. On one side you will like it a little bit and then on the other side, you may feel some hate from time to time. But don’t worry this is natural, it is Warframe. You see that with every weapon and you even see that with some frames when it comes to nerfs and buffs. So, it is quite fine for a lot of you to feel that way.

Now, the Quartakk as it stands will leave you sacrificing one thing for the other and I’m going to explain that in a little bit deeper manner as we go down the line and dig a little bit deeper into the reveals. The Quartakk is part of the duo of the new Grineer weapons from the Ghouls update and like the Stubba this weapon is going to be the second half of that entire set.

Quartakk rifle with good riven disposition

Now, originally the Quartakk was termed as a shotgun a lot of us saw it during the devstream and something that we were so excited about. You know what? The Grineer shotgun is coming out! Ever after few deliberation, after a few thoughts, after a few updates, and also, of course, the new hotfix this weapon is now considered a rifle in Warframe. So, the Quartakk rifle comes with an amazing stat. It also looks good on paper. But it might leave you in a little bit of a bad state if you are not modded this weapon right and if you’re not modded in the way you’re supposed to.

The Quartakk comes with a really good riven disposition basically almost at the highest, the master rank of nine which means a lot of you can really get this weapon quickly in Warframe. 204 damage that is almost evenly spread between impact puncture and slash. 19% critical chance, two times multiplier, and also a 27% status chance. So, a lot of you can see this as a balanced weapon and also it is looking good and look incredible as well. Now, the great thing about this weapon is that even though it is a rifle it also has a four pellet count per shot which deals 51 (27 after update 22.9) damage each. Now another great thing about the Quartakk is that it handles great and also functions well. Great accuracy over 50%(90.9% after update 22.9) which is also impressive something that we hardly see in most weapons in Warframe.

After update 22.9 Quartakk was got new stats

But you will also notice a little bit of a kickback from each fire but don’t worry that accuracy basically counts for it. So, you have to lose something to gain something and that’s the logic for a lot of things in Warframe. No, these are things that will get you super hyped on so you see the true performers in the game and you start having a little bit of doubt and a little bit of guess on what to do with your build. Now the 1.7 reload speed may be impressive and the fire rate at 12.67 is also really that good.

Quartakk build after Update 22.9

My Quartakk build that I use after update 22.9

I’m running Serration for damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike for crit chance, Vital Sense for crit damage then we have Hunter Munitions for those extra slash procs when we crit, Argon Scope for even more crit chance on headshot when we’re aiming down sights and then I have Primed Cryo Rounds and Malignant Force for viral damage. Though you might want to go with the Rime Rounds instead.

Amazing Quartakk corrosive build

Now, while this set up is all nice and dandy and it’s better than what it used to be you might actually want to go with what I have on config B because of the status change which switches Hunter Munitions for Vigilante Armaments which gives you more damage and status chance because of the multishot and you run with corrosive damage because the Quartakk is really good at stripping away armor now. Now, the status change has been quite the boon for the Quartakk because not only our viral procs more reliable you also get far more slash procs because you now actually get them from firing the weapon instead of getting the vast majority of them from Hunter Munitions. Now, the slash procs aren’t as crazy as they used to be because they did lowered the damage of the weapon to compensate for the increased fire rate but it still does more damage overall. Though the buff is far more pronounced when it comes to the corrosive setup because you can just see huge chunks of armor disappearing before your very eyes with each shot. The corrosive setup actually feels better than the Hunter Munitions one now because of how much armor you tear away with each shot. Which I personally really like because it seems like all the crit weapons right now are running Hunter Munitions so it’s nice to have a crit weapon that actually doesn’t need it and is a little bit more effective without it even. It gives us some variety and variety is good so yeah the Quartakk got a bit of buff. wWho would’ve thought it’s actually really really good now, especially if you focus more on status rather than just slap on Hunter Munitions and let that do the status job. It’s really nice and if you didn’t pick it up the last time the Ghoul bounties were around definitely pick it up when they return.

Quartakk build before Update 22.9

Now all I can say is that the Quartakk is way above average. Pairing this with frames like Harrow or Chroma will also give you a total bliss. And I have to say that I really enjoyed using both frames with this weapon as well. Now having a spread between impact puncture and slash is also quite easy and also one of the main things that make this weapon really powerful and also really good.

Quartakk build for faster fire rate

And my build is also going to change as a lot of you can see in some days I might feel like I want to build for faster fire rate and on some days like this one right here I build for damage.

Quartakk build that I'm using

Now this one is a little bit of a split in between critical chance and status chance and if you’re feeling lucky you came out the way you want you can go in for a faster fire rate. Now I throw in a Vigilante mod in there just for multishot and a little bit of a critical buff. You don’t have to go one by one with this build. This is just to give your idea of the builds and the variations you can create with this weapon. This is an ideal weapon for multi-factions which means you don’t have to split it around. If you’re going against infected, corpus, grineer even corrupted or sentients this will work amazingly well. And you can even turn it into a sniper rifle with the Volt. So, there’s also quite impressive. Now, let me know what you guys think about the Quartakk down below. I’ll see you guys in the next one.