Hey guys and welcome to another weapon build article. Today we will take a look at the AoE bow - Lenz.

Lenz unique mechanic

First of all, what makes Lenz so special and unique? Well, once the arrow hits a surface, it detonates after ~1.3s in a huge radius of 8m, so 16m in total, that’s awesome! Actually, that’s not it. After hitting a surface (before the explosion), every enemy inside the bubble will get a guaranteed cold proc. And depending on your build, you have a small chance to get another elemental proc besides your cold proc. Let’s take a closer look at the stats.

Lenz stats

It has an amazing crit chance of 50% and a decent multiplier of 2.0x. With these stats, you’re able to achieve very high orange crits. Hitting an enemy directly has a base damage of 50 impact, the Cold proc inside the bubble 10 cold damage and the detonation itself 660 blast damage. The only negative stat here is the status chance of 5% but to be honest, the bow already has enough damage. All in all, great stats for the bow. Maybe not as strong as a Dread but Lenz has AoE damage, amazing AoE damage. It allows to kill many enemies at once and it makes so much fun.

It makes fun? There must be a downside! The huge downside of this weapon is its Ammo Capacity of just 6(7 with ammo case) but also the fact that you are able to hit yourself with just 1 detonation, so you have to be careful! Because you only have an ammo capacity of 6, Lenz converts every ammo type on the ground to sniper ammo, helps a lot but that doesn’t fix the ammo problem completely.

Lenz is able to one shot every enemy on the star chart, so against level 30+ enemies no problem. And what about level 100 infested enemies? Basically, everything is one hit. But once the enemy has a lot of armor, like a heavy gunner, for example, you are going to waste too much ammo. Only if the detonation hits the head you are able to deal more damage. If you want to use Lenz against armored units, I highly recommend you to remove the armor with Corrosive Projection or other mods, abilities etc. Against level 100 Corpus Techs a pure Toxin build just amazing. Most of the time one shot. The good thing about pure toxin build is you base cold damage is now viral. That means you are able to proc cold and viral at the same time + toxin damage at the end to bypass shields.

Lenz 4 Forma build

For my, Lenz build I’m using: as always Serration, Split Chamber and Heavy Caliber for the damage, Point Strike and Vital Sense for very high orange crits, Vile Acceleration for much better Charge Rate, and Stormbringer + Infected Clip for Corrosive damage.

Good Lenz build against armored units

And for the Corpus build, simply replace Stormbringer with Malignant Force.

Corpus doesn't like when Lenz is built like this

Lenz is an amazing AoE bow with great stats but also with some disadvantages. But the most important thing is - it’s a fun weapon to play with, really enjoying leveling it up. Well, that’s about it for today’s article. I see you already in the next one.