Hello everyone and today we are going to discuss five damage dealing arcane enhancements that will add to or amplify your raw damage in Warframe. It will be intresting for those of you who don’t care about utility or everything else. You just want more damage and more power.

Now, some arcanes like the Arcane Arachne will not be included in this list mainly because you can’t latch on walls everywhere you go in the game and the effect is only once every single latch but with that put aside let’s get into it.

Arcane Fury

Boost you melee damage with Arcane Fury

Now, if you are someone who likes running missions as a melee player then Arcane Fury will be a great addition to your arsenal. At max, this arcane boosts your melee damage by 120% for 20 seconds every single time you land a critical hit. So, it makes the ideal and also a versatile thing in every single build in combination. And with weapons like the Dual Ichor or with Blood Rush and Body Count combos this is going to shred every single thing because every time you make a critical hit it gives you 120% for 20 seconds.

Arcane Avenger

Increase critical chance with Arcane Avenger

Up next we have Arcane Avenger. These arcane gives you 30% extra critical chance whenever you take damage. This arcane is also ideal for melee warframes. And it would also give an amazing benefit if you are using Arcane Avenger with exalted abilities that can also benefit from critical chance or critical multiplier. And if you have a rage Wukong you will really enjoy this arcane if you also combine it with Arcane Fury.

Arcane Precision

Get additional damage with Arcane Precision

Now, if you get lots of headshots in Warframe then this next arcane will be a really fun one for you. The Arcane Precision requires a little skill but not difficult to master. It rewards you with eight seconds of 120% additional damage whenever you land a headshot. And if you are a Harrow player this will fit perfectly with Lasting Covenant augment for Harrow.

Arcane Awakening

Increase damage of your secondary weapon with Arcane Awakening

Now, the next one is another arcane that can be paired up with Harrow using his second and fourth ability. Arcane Awakening will increase the damage of your secondary weapons every single time you reload your sidearm. The damage is maxed at 100% for 16 seconds and will work well with weapons like the Pandero, the Euphona Prime, the Vasto Prime or any sidearm out there that has a burst fire or a quick fire and a quick reload. A perfect combination will be to equip Arcane Precision with Arcane Awakening on Harrow for an amazing damage. I will personally recommend the Pandero but feel free to use whatever sidearm you have in your arsenal.

Arcane Rage

Additional damage for your rifle with Arcane Rage

The last one is the Arcane Rage and just as Arcane Precision works with headshots this one works on rifles where you land a headshot. It gives you a 120% damage boost for 16 seconds and will also work great to combine it with Arcane Avenger for a maximum benefit.

As you all know, these arcanes are dropped by Eidolons and they all have different rarities and chances of dropping and it’s also proven to be effective with any combination in most warframes. Now, arcane enhancements are not a must-have in your gameplay but for some of you out there who like a Vex Armor Chroma these arcanes can really turn the tides of battle and also amplify your damage. Let me know what your experiences have been with these arcanes if you own any of them. And I’ll see you guys in the next one.