Hey guys. Welcome to another Warframe article. And I was browsing the Warframe forum yesterday and out of nowhere, this cheeky little bugger of a hotfix 22.13.2 popped up. Now, I don’t really understand why this is labeled as a hotfix because it actually has a pretty major feature. In that, they finally added the arcane enchantments to the drop tables of all three eidolons. And I don’t know about you but to me, that doesn’t feel like a hotfix that feels like a pretty major change right there.

Now, the way this works is whenever you kill or capture any of the three eidolons you will get a guaranteed arcane as a drop. Just make sure you actually pick the arcane. because it is an actual drop in the world. So, you need to run over it to pick it up. This is what it looks like in the game.

Arcane drop from eidolon

Now, the game doesn’t actually tell you which arcane you got until you finish the mission. So, it kind of works like the mod drops from acolytes. Now, each Eidolon has their own drop table so you cannot get all the arcane enhancements by just farming the Eidolon Teralyst and there is a difference between killing the eidolon and capturing it. Capturing the Eidolon gives you a chance to get one of the rarer arcane enhancements on top of the more common ones that you get by simply killing the Eidolon.

And here we have all the arcane drops with their respective drop chance.

Teralyst Arcane Drop Table

Warframe Teralyst Arcane Drop Table

So, if you kill the Teralyst you have a chance to get next arcane enhancements: Resistance, Ice, Warmth, Nullifier, Tempo, Momentum, and Consequence. But if you capture the Teralyst you have a chance to get next arcane enhancements: Victory, Resistance, Ice, Warmth, Nullifier, Healing, Deflection, Tempo, Momentum, and Consequence.

Gantulyst Arcane Drop Table

Warframe Gantulyst Arcane Drop Table

For the Gantulyst, if you manage to kill it we have next arcane drops: Strike, Awakening, Guardian, Phantasm, Eruption, Agility, Acceleration, and Precision. If you capture the Gantulyst you have a chance to get next arcane enhancements: Strike, Awakening, Guardian, Phantasm, Eruption, Agility, Acceleration, Precision, Pulse, Ultimatum, and Aegis.

Hydrolyst Arcane Drop Table

Warframe Hydrolyst Arcane Drop Table

And finally, for theEidolon Hydrolyst we have next arcane drops, if you kill it: Trickery, Velocity, Arachne, Rage, Fury, and Avenger. And if you capture it you have a chance to get next arcane enhancements: Trickery, Velocity, Arachne, Rage, Fury, Avenger, Barrier, Grase, and Energize.

And this doesn’t change the original drops in any way. It’s just a new guaranteed drop that you get whether you capture or kill any of the eidolons. Now, my guess here is that this was changed in preparation for the 28th of February where they’re going to be retiring Raids for an unknown amount of time to rework them.

Now, I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend you start slapping arcane enhancements on every piece of equipment you have because there’s an arcane rework on the way. This is what Steve tweeted about a week ago. So, it looks like we’re gonna be putting arcane enhancements on the frames rather than helmets and syandana. And while I’m 99.999% sure that they are either going to refund these arcane enhancements or make the items a legacy like they did with arcane helmets you can never be too careful especially when it comes to something that can be as expensive as a full set of some of the rarer arcanes.

Feature arcanes rework in Warframe

Now, as a person that doesn’t enjoy Raids and doesn’t do them I’m very happy about this change because I can finally farm my own arcane enhancements but I’m not sure how people that actually did Raids, farm arcane enhancements and then sold them for a decent chunk of platinum for some of the rarer ones feel about this. Because it makes arcane enhancements far more accessible especially the ones from the Teralyst because I feel like almost everyone can get at least one Teralyst kill or capturing every night. So, the price of arcane enhancements is definitely gonna go down and it’s not just because some of them were made far more accessible. It’s also because the best groups right now can kill all three eidolons four times during the night and that’s 48 arcane enhancements split between four party members in 50 minutes. So, the market is going to be absolutely flooded with them which will, of course, drive the price down.

And it’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about today. So, I thank you very much for reading. I wish you good luck when farming the eidolons and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.