Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe guide article. And the Chimera update is finally here and it brought us a new alert-style game mode - Arbitrations(elite alerts / lethal alerts), featuring elite versions of endless missions with various modifiers.

Lethal Alerts Prerequisite

All Star Chart nodes must be completed before participating in Arbitrations. If you have not completed the entire star chart, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis in any relay and talk to NPC.

Talk to Arbitrations NPC to find out which node you are not completed He will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations!

Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

New alert-style game mode - Arbitrations in Warframe

So, the new Arbitrations are level 60 to 80 elite alerts that were prepared as sort of a challenge by the Arbiters of Hexis. So far there has only been one up at a time and it seems to reset every 60 minutes.

Now the Arbitration Missions can only be endless so either survival, excavation, defense, interception, infested salvage or defection. And they’ve changed the mission rules a little bit. Also, the reward structure is different. The rewards are much better and there are also these Arbiter-themed drone enemies that are floating around and make nearby enemies around them immune to damage.

Endless Arbitration Missions Rules

Now, the rule changes for these Arbitrations are as follows:

  • for survival missions - life support capsules only restore 75% of the life support they would in a normal mission;
  • for interception missions - towers that are occupied by enemies will fill the progress bar twice as fast;
  • for defense missions - you are protecting an Arbiters NPC that will follow you around and you have much less wait time in between waves
  • for excavation missions - the defense time for each excavator has been bumped up to three minutes
  • for defection missions - the rescue targets have no revived state so if they go down that’s it
  • for infested salvage missions - the consoles have half of their normal health.

How To Revive Squadmate in the Arbitration Missions?

With Update 24.8.0 the rules of Arbitration death have shifted: players are still downed with no bleedout timer, but a Revive tower is now placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting Revival, the Arbitration drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points, debuffing the players who carry them.

In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower - it’s all or nothing!

Warframes Suggestions For Arbitrations

Survival of yourself, your teammates, and the objective (depending on mission type) is key to success, so it is wise to use a warframe with high effective health such as Rhino, Nezha, Inaros, or a frame with healing and damage reduction support such as Trinity or Oberon.

Arbitrations Unique Mods Rewards

So, some of these can be quite tricky especially since they are at sortie level but they’re definitely worth it because some of the mods you can get from them are quite spicy.

There is Sharpshooter which gives you 15 energy on a headshot kill with a sniper. There is Cautious Shot which makes you take 90% less self damage but do 15% less damage in return. Then there is Power Donation which is an aura that gives you minus 30% power strength for your warframe but plus 30% power strength for your teammates warframes. Then we have Vigorous Swap which is a warframe mod that gives you 165% bonus damage for three seconds when you switch between weapons and it gives you 100% holster speed as well.

Next on the list is Rolling Guard which is also a warframe mod and this makes you invulnerable for three seconds and removes all status effects when you dodge but it does have a 7 second cooldown. And the final mod is called Adaptation. This one is also for a warframe and this makes so that whenever you’re damaged you will get 10% resistance for that damage type for 20 seconds and again stack up to 90%.

Arbitrations Alerts Rewards List

Rotation ARotation BRotation C
1300 Endo Common (36.50%)1600 Endo Common (48.00%)2000 Endo Common (52.50%)
Ayatan Valana Sculpture Uncommon (18.00%)Ayatan Vaya Sculpture Uncommon (20.00%)Ayatan Orta Sculpture Uncommon (29.00%)
Ayatan Sah Sculpture Uncommon (18.00%)Ayatan Piv Sculpture Uncommon (20.00%)Sharpshooter Rare (3.50%)
Ayatan Ayr Sculpture Uncommon (18.00%)Sharpshooter Rare (2.50%)Vigorous Swap Rare (3.50%)
Sharpshooter Rare (2.00%)Vigorous Swap Rare (2.50%)Rolling Guard Rare (3.50%)
Vigorous Swap Rare (2.00%)Rolling Guard Rare (2.50%)Adaptation Rare (3.50%)
Rolling Guard Rare (2.00%)Adaptation Rare (2.50%)Seeding Step Ephemera Blueprint Rare (2.00%)
Adaptation Rare (2.00%)Aura Forma Blueprint Rare (2.00%)Aura Forma Blueprint Rare (2.50%)
Aura Forma Blueprint Ultra Rare (1.50%)

So, yeah some pretty spicy stuff right there. You’re probably not gonna be swimming in these for a while though because as I’ve mentioned already the reward structure is different. It takes twice as long to get a reward. So, for example, you’re doing defense instead of getting a reward every 5 waves you’re gonna get it every 10 waves.

Elite Alerts - Mission Rotation Structure

But it’s actually not that bad because they did change the rotation structure for these as well. So instead of it being a ABCABC…ABC like it is for normal endless missions, it’s just A, B, and then CCCCC…C going forward.

Those mods and Endo / Ayatan Sculptures are not the only rewards though because when you complete an arbitration you will get 50,000 credits and something called the Vitus Essence.

Arbitrations Exclusive Vitus Essence Resource

Vitus Essence is just a currency that you can take to a new vendor inside the Arbiters of Hexis room on any of the relays and you can buy some cool stuff from him.

Use Vitus Essence to buy mods and decorations

There are some schedules and decorations but you can also buy cautious short empowered donation as well as a judicial coils which is a stay weird-looking accessory for your operator and that’s pretty much all I’m gonna say about Arbitrations because I haven’t really played enough of them to form an opinion.