Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe weapon build article. Today we gonna take a look at the Amprex.

The Amprex is a very strong beam weapon, but what makes it so strong? Upon hitting an enemy(or dead body) it has a chain effect that deals damage to three extra enemies in range making it a really efficient weapon to kill lots of enemies.

Even the stats of the Amprex are pretty good - a 32% critical chance and a multiplier of 2.2x. Also, this weapon has Electricity as its base damage. And it means you can save a whole mod slot when modding for Corrosive.

So basically against all the different enemies on the Star Chart the Amprex is an amazing weapon. It kills everything and the ammo consumption is so much better than it was before!

But is the Amprex still as effective when facing against level 100 enemies (Heavy Gunners for example)? Definitely, yes!

What I didn’t mention before is that the Amprex profits from Punch Through a lot. Hitting several enemies at once results in even more chain effects and a huge DPS buff.

Against Corpus enemies, such as the Corpus Techs, this weapon good as well but I would say the Amprex is more effective against the Grineer.

Amprex Build

So, for regular missing I’m using next Amprex Build: Amprex 6 Forma Build

It’s running Serration, Split Chamber, and Heavy Caliber for the damage. Then I have Point Strike for crit chance and Vital Sense for crit damage. After that I added Sinister Reach and Combustion Beam to effectively kill enemies on the Star Chart. And I topped it off with Infected Clip which composed with base Electricity damage and we get Corrosive damage.

If you are using the Amprex for enemies a little bit higher than usual, you can use Hunter Munitions for extra slash procs and a Punch Through of you choice like Primed Shred / Shred or Metal Auger. Warframe Amprex Hunter Munitions 6 Forma Build

Amprex Anti-Corpus Build

Last but not least, the Amprex Anti-Corpus Build. For this build simply replace Hunter Munitions with Thermite Rounds for Gas damage, that’s basically it.

Warframe Amprex Anti-Corpus 6 Forma Build

Overall, the Amprex is an amazing and popular weapon that can actually deal even more damage (Orange Crits) if you have a riven mod for it. What you can also do to increase its damage per second is use something like Arcane Acceleration or Arcane Rage.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for todays weapon build article. I really hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful. And I’ll see you next time. Bye-Bye.