Hey guys! Welcome to another Warframe article and today I want to take a quick look at our newest breakdance enabling device the Kogake Prime.

Now, if you want to get your hands on this device the Blueprint is an uncommon drop from the Axi V7 relic, the Boot is a common drop from the Axi A3 relic and the Gauntlet is a rare drop from the Meso K1 relic. Just bear in mind that you will have to get two gauntlets and two boots.

The new Kogake Prime requires you to be at least mastery rank ten to use it. It does 70 damage with each hit: 49 is impact, 10.5 is puncture, and 10.5 is slash. It is 34% status chance, 16% crit chance with a 1.8 times multiplier and it is attack speed of 0.917 which is actually pretty slow. So, if you want this to feel good I would very much recommend you use Berserker or Fury or even the primed version of Fury.

Just like the other sparring weapons or sparring stances, I should say sprint speed or movement speed, in general, is amazing. Because while the combos do allow you to move around and even sprint while you’re performing them they slaw you down quite considerably so, sprint speed makes them feel a lot better. Which is why the hidden bonus of the Kogake Prime is so cool because they increase your movement speed by 5% if you’re in melee mode. It doesn’t, unfortunately, work if you’re wielding a primary or a secondary weapon. Now, I know that 5% doesn’t sound like an awful lot and it’s not if you slap it onto something slow like Frost but if you have a fast warframe or you stack sprint speed like I do on my Inaros, it actually ends up being somewhat noticeable and it gives you a nice chunk of movement speed.

Now, I ended up using a 0 forma build because the Kogake Prime comes with three V’s as standard which is more than enough for a build, especially on a melee weapon where you get additional capacity from a stance. And I just had to go full on the status and just not bother with crit at all.

Kogake Prime Build that I use

So, the stance I’m using is Brutal Tide because it matches the polarity but both of the sparring stances are pretty good. And I stopped on Primed Fever Strike so, I get a lot more toxin damage which combines with Virulent Scourge and Voltaic Strike into a ton of corrosive damage and a lot of status chance.

Then we have Volcanic Edge which adds a little bit of heat damage which is great versus flash especially since the weapon doesn’t do a ton of slash damage and it adds, even more, status chance. After that, we have Condition Overload which is gonna increase our melee damage by a crazy amount for each status effect we have on the enemy and Berserker for that too lovely attack speed. And I would once again very much recommend Berserker or Fury or the primed version of Fury.

And don’t worry 16% crit chance is more than enough to sustain your Berserker procs. Then, of course, we’re gonna add Prime Pressure Points for some melee damage and finally Drifting Contact for a little bit of extra status chance and increase combo duration.

Now, you could go with Body Count to get a longer combo duration just bear in mind that it will drop your status down to 95%. Now, at first I did want to squeeze in crit into the build as well with the Blood Rush and Organ Chatter but in the end, it just didn’t feel worth it because I was losing a ton of status chance. I was losing a ton of corrosive damage because I wasn’t using Primed Fever Strike anymore and there wasn’t enough mod space for the Volcanic Edge mod so, I lost the heat element which was in a Condition Overload setup is a pretty big deal. It wasn’t awful when I got lucky and I got crits back to back from the start it was actually pretty damn strong but it just felt way less consistent than this setup.  And in my setup it is. I wasn’t expecting amazing result because the weapon is primarily impact base. And impact isn’t that great versus flesh and armor especially once you push the enemies up to sortie level so, around level 100. But, holy crap, this thing does a lot of damage. The best thing about this is that it is a sparring weapon so, you’re pretty much just breakdancing enemies to death. It is just amazing. The animations you get with the sparring weapons just look so damn good. And it’s even better if they’re actually, you know, doing some damage. I think my favorite animation has to be the regular finisher.

I absolutely adore Sparring weapons I think they are some of the most fun weapons you can use in the game because both of the stances are just over the top rule of cool. I just love it, they look so good. It feels good to play with them as well if you have enough attack and movement speed because if you’re missing one of those they’re gonna feel pretty sluggish. It’s not quite as much fun as running around with a really fast Tempo Royale setup like I have on my Galatine Prime but it’s close. This is one of those weapons that I can just take into a survival and stay there for an hour plus because of how much damn fun it is. It’s the type of weapon that makes you run out of life support because you’re just not paying attention. It is awesome so, I would definitely recommend you pick this up if you have the opportunity. I thank you very much for reading as always guys and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.