Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at Mirage Prime: some of the changes that come with her, some of the stats increase, the looks, the design. In towards the end of this article, I will be showing you guys my amazing all-around build and how I’ve been running Mirage Prime since the update launched.

So, the first thing to note about Mirage Prime is that she comes with a better armor and also some better shields. She has an added D polarity and also a little bit of an increase because she also has a V polarity at it. This means you don’t have to form a Mirage Prime as much as you would for a regular Mirage. So, that just costs you two forma, right there you don’t have to worry about that.

She also is going to be a mastery rank 8 frame. And, I’m sorry to say, a lot of you who are still in the lower master ranks, even though you may be able to farm these items, you may be able to farm the relic and some of the things, you may be able to do a lot of this. However, you will not be able to use this frame unless you are master rank 8 or higher. However, the other way that you can also do this if you say you just cannot wait to you get to that point will be to buy the prime access and you can buy those and get Mirage and be able to use her.

Mirage Prime looks fantastic

When it comes to the design I have to say this is actually amazing. It looks fantastic! Her design is incredible. And, to be honest, she has one of the most invested designs of all female prime frames of Warframe. And if you guys can look at some of the different ones you can see that this one has more invested time and effort: the dangling bits, the textures, the feel in the model, the 3d shading. Everything is just amazing. It looks like the DE took a lot of months into this. I’m actually glad that DE is actually doing this. Considering how they’ve treated some of the designs in the past or some other designs recently. Now, her face looks more like a jewel out frame. She looks more like an owl with the lower portion of the face looking more like a beak or a little bit of a cover.

Now, she is a lot much tougher with a 150 armor increase and also that 110 shield increase as well. Now, that doesn’t mean she is the tank but with the right build, she can definitely become one. I built my Mirage for a team damage reduction and also for a massive CC. So, those are some of the two builds that I know a lot of people are going for. And for me personally, I decided instead of just leaning towards one end I would rather just go for both at the same time - have a dual CC and also a damage reduction build.

Warframe Mirage Abilities

Now, with the changes to Mirage Sleight of Hand now does a massive crowd control. Sleight of Hand now has jewel effect and a booby-trap effect. Jewel cause blast damage if Sleight of Hand is placed in light areas and also it will blind enemies if it is placed in a dark area. The booby-trap effect will turn ammo pickups into cold procs, health orbs into heat damage, energy hubs into electricity damage, which can also stun enemies, and the affinity orbs into a toxin proc, and all go for about 200 damage. So, I’m going to max this with a massive rangeб increase some duration and add a little bit of a strength. And that is what I’ve found to work for me so far.

So, for Eclipse I actually added Total Eclipse because that is very important. I added that augment to help the squadmates out. I have 95% damage reduction and using Total Eclipse shares that with other teammates as well. So, this makes you a lot much tanky and you guys will not believe how much beneficial it is. A lot of people talk about using frames like Chroma, Harrow, Wukong but Mirage can also be super tanky if you just build her right.

Now, using both Explosive Legerdemain and also using Total Eclipse it is also important for the build and also the only down part of this after putting all this together will be power efficiency. But if you have a maxed Zenurik Energy Dash or if you have Arcane Energize then you really don’t have to worry about that being the downside because at the end of the day the build is powerful. It keeps you alive. You can walk around run around and get some energy orbs and you will be good to go.

As I entered earlier my current build causes a massive crowd control and deals a lot of procs so, that is very important for me. I like it that way and I’m sure a lot of you will like it as well. Now, I will say pick up energy and health orbs before casting Sleight of Hand because if you do not do that it will actually turn everything in surprise and turn them into booby traps. So, that is very very important for a lot of you to do.

Mirage Prime Build that I use

Now, Eclipse build will also help in the most group setting if you are going on to the Plains of Eidolon you are running some of those bounties and some of those encouraging missions. It will be very beneficial for you to protect teammates again status procs because now you have a lot of protection. 95% damage reduction is also impressive that means you’re only taking 5% of the damage. So, a lot of you can use this build. It’s all up to you this is not something that is actually solid that you have to use it but these are some of my suggestions.

So, at the end of this at the end of the looks at the end of everything and at the end of the build. Should you get Mirage Prime? Yes! I will say you should get Mirage Prime but I will not say get the frame because it has better stats because at the end of the day you can really do a lot of these things with a regular Mirage and even still be powerful. But I will say the best reason to get is well because of the good looks because it looks amazing, looks incredible. One of the best, most amazing, and astonishing design that you’ve seen on a prime female frame in a long time.

So, that would be one of the main reasons to get it. Mastery acquisition will be the next reason that I will say you should get Mirage Prime because of course, you get a mastery rank increased whenever you added new items and you rank them up to level 30 or you actually boost them up. So, that’s one of the main reason. The third one will be the health orbs or the energy you can get from Orokin orbs in the Void. That will be the third reason just for getting a lot of primes damage when you go into the Void. When you play a lot of those missions you really don’t have to worry about energy as much because as long as you can find orb you are going to be good to go. That is it for this article. Let me know what you think about Mirage Prime and also let me know what you think about the rework so far. I’ll see you guys in the next one.