Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the newly designed Zenurik Focus School, and just like the rest of the other focus schools, it comes with ten focus notes. Four of them are passives, five of them are actives, and out of all this, you also have your way bound ones which can be transferred from one focus school to the other one. Now that is of course after you max everything out and you get yourself some brilliant shards.

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Zenurik Focus School Abilities

Now out of all these ten notes, some are visible on a large scale while some can only be seen through their icons. So, to know what you can be expecting when it comes to visuals, here are some really cool visuals when it comes to this and some of these abilities that I have unlocked so far.

Zenurik Focus School Abilities & Benefits

Energizing Dash creates a zone of energy for a brief time and any allies or yourself that passes through will gain energy over time as well. So, when you see this you can picture this as an energy siphon, that is actually a little bit limited. Lightning Dash creates a ball of lightning after a Void Dash that zaps enemies within range.

Void Siphon increases operators energy regen and Void Flow increases the operator’s energy capacity. Temporal Blast slows enemies down and Void Singularity pulls enemies closer when entering in a Void Mode and with this, I really cannot wait for the operator’s melee weapons to make its way into the focus school because that will be very very useful. Now Void Static emits a pulse that deals damage per second and Energy pulse grants additional energy for every pick up over time.

A lot of this power sounds really nice I would say you should invest in Void Siphon, Void Flow and Energizing Dash and max them out before maxing out the rest of your focus points. So, why would you use or invest in Zenurik Focus School over some of the other schools? Other than the fact that a lot of people know this as the energy school, well the answers are quite simple and have a little bit of variation to it. Zenurik Focus School has its base elemental damage as electric so this is very great for stunning tougher enemies and actually really generate some crowd control at the same time. You can pull stunts and hold enemies down and that in other ways can be some of the really useful things when it comes to using something else other than your warframe. The other advantage from this is also the fact that it is very efficient when it comes to focus farming. When using Ivara or Loki you may not have energy pass handy or you might have run out of the ones that you have. So, this can be a really great source of renewable energy. You can recycle this and just create an energy zone for yourself in a lot of these isolated areas and regardless of the focus lenses that you have on your frame, weapons or anything that you are using. If they’re right you can get a large amount of focus per mission because you will be very efficient in your energy pull. That is one of the reasons why I’ve been running it for a while now, trying to see if I can maximize it and create a different design and a different style of play with it.

Now let me know what you guys think about this so far if your main is Zenurik or if it is something that you are hoping to unlock and max it out, so you can develop some bounds and transfer it into a different school. Let me know down below in the comment section. Now I know this may not be the powerhouse when it comes to damage-dealing in focus schools, however, having one of these on your squad setup or within a squad of four is actually very efficient and can be really really useful when it comes to the Plains of Eidolon.

Thank you very much for reading! Hope you guys like this, hope it was helpful. See you!