Hey guys and welcome to another article. I want to show you a very efficient, if not the most efficient method for farming lots of Focus points, around 150000 Focus in under 5 minutes.

If you may noticed, the Daily Focus Cap got increased to 250K from 100K. That’s a huge difference and allows us to rank up our Focus abilities/passives even faster.

Daily Focus Capacity determines how much focus you can gain in one day

In order to maximize your Focus gains in a mission, I highly recommend you taking a look at the Naramon Focus Tree. This Focus School has a very interesting passive called “Affinity Spike”. This passive grants your melee an increased affinity gain of +45%. That’s perfect if you have a lens on your melee weapon.

Affinity Spike Ability helps to gain even more focus points by killing enemies with your melee weapon

Also recommended are the Eidolon Lenses, for the best results, 1 Lens on your Warframe and 1 Lens on your melee weapon itself. But keep in mind, an Eidolon Lens converts “just” 2.25% of your affinity to Focus points.. compared to a Greater Lens(1.75%), just a minor difference. So if you are using 2 Greater Lenses, that’s fine.

And last but not least, an Affinity booster. Once again, not a must-have. You still get a lot of Focus Points. Even without an Affinity booster about 40-80K Focus with 2 Greater Lenses or 2 Eidolon Lenses.

So, what exactly is the Focus Points farming method and what do you have to do?

As we all know, Affinity=Focus. The more affinity we can get the more Focus Points you are able to acquire. If we combine the Eidolon Lenses, the Affinity Booster with the 500% Stealth exp in a very high Grineer Exterminate(for example Sedna - Adaro).. the results are insane!

For the best results, you need a sleep Equinox with a lot of range and duration. Put all nearby enemies to sleep as fast as possible and one hit them, and to one hit them you need to equip a good melee weapon. Also, try to collect the Focus booster before killing Heavy Gunner or Bombards, these enemies will give you 27K affinity and are very important for a higher Focus gain. On average, A Focus booster grants you around 30K Focus. Depending on the enemy spawn, it is also possible to get up to 60K Focus points or more in just 45 seconds.

Also, instead of Equinox, you can use next builds:

This is how much focus points you can get if you do all above and also lucky enough

After reaching the cap you can also exchange your Brilliant Eidolon Shards for 25K Focus each. This won’t affect daily Focus cap at all, you can exchange them whenever you want for even more Focus.

Alright, that’s pretty much it, thanks and see ya!