Hello everyone! Today’s article is going to be about Madurai Focus School. Now this is a fighter focus school and everything about Madurai Focus School revolves around battle strategy, and if you can’t outsmart your opponent pure strength, it’s what will get you out of it when it comes to the Madurai Focus School.

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Madurai Focus School Abilities

Like every other focus school, it has its own active and passive abilities. There are four passives and six active abilities, split in-between damage and tactical advantage.

madurai focus school 2.5 abilities and benefits

Madurai Focus School Passive Abilities

Now with the passives: Inner Gaze increases energy capacity on amp and your void beam, Eternal Gaze increases energy regeneration so you can get a lot of long energy back in split seconds. Phoenix Spirit increases elemental damage and also your Phoenix Talons, which is another branch of this, increases your physical damage. So, these are things that can really help your warframe when it comes to physical damage and elemental damage, and will really help your operator when it comes to that elemental damage and I will explain why in few seconds.

Madurai Focus School Active Abilities

Void Radiance blinds enemies whenever you exit void mode so you can see this as an emergency crowd control ability, however, it will not open them for finishers. So, that is the only downside to this if you see it that way. Void Strike will increase damage whenever you exit the void mode. So, this can also help a lot when fighting the Eidolon Teralyst because once you go invisible and you come back out you have an increase in your damage abilities. Flame Blast releases a ball of fire that deals intense damage when maxed out, in Rising Blast will also increase that damage as well. This is also why I say it, Phoenix Spirit will be very very important when it comes to their elemental damage and we will be dealing with a lot of fire.

After all these have been unlocked, those will be an amazing thing because once you unlock that Rising Blast you can now charge your energy and actually increase the damage and increase the amount of radius you have with it as well. Blaze and dash will leave a trail of fire that burns and stuns enemies.

Meteorik Dash increases the damage of this one as well. So, you can see those as a branch that actually increases what the main node or what the main branch does. And, as you can see, this will be one of if not the best when it comes to fighting Eidolon Teralyst. These abilities will also let you overwhelm a lot of these enemies and also speed up the process in battle. The main reasons why I will say that you should use this when it comes to Madurai Focus School will be because of the damage increase on amp and also the fact that you have a second projectile that you can use when it comes to Void Blast. Amp and Void Blast uses a different energy pool. So, when you run out of one, maybe when you run out of Void Blast, you can actually use amp and when you run out of amp you can use Void Blast and while you’re using one of them the other one has a chance to recharge! So, that is the main reason for this and that was one of the reasons why I say: when it comes to hunting Teralyst when it comes to fighting Eidolon, those will be some of the really good schools that you can use when it comes to the Eidolon hunting squad setup.

I will suggest that you focus on Void Flame and Rise and Blast and also max out Phoenix Talons too as well. Everything else can be a gradual process but those few will actually give you an edge and also give you the damage and the potential that you need on the battlefield. If Madurai is your focus school let me know what you liked the most about this school and if you liked this article feel free to leave comments. See you all soon!