Hello everyone! Today we’ll be learning more about the changes, the looks, and also the benefits that come with the final focus school Unairu!

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Unairu Focus School Abilities

Unairu Focus School Passive Abilities

So, without further ado let’s begin with the passives. This school has four passives named Basilisk Scales, Basilisk Gaze, Void Spines and Stone Skin. Now, these are abilities that will stay effective for the entire mission. Basilisk Gaze will increase the radius of Void Blast to a maximum around 75%. Basilisk Scales will increase the operator’s armor by percentages then maxes out to up to 200 all the way through around 250.

Unairu focus 2.5 ailities and benefits

Now being that this is a way-bound ability if you ever thought about unlocking one for another school I will suggest that you pick this one or you pick both of them at the same time. Void Spines deflects up to 20% damage taken back to the attackers so haven’t 20% damage reduction is going to be very sweet considering the defensive capability of this focus school.

Stone Skin increases the armor for the operator in the Warframe by a percentage up to 20%, and when added with Basilisk Scales, this pushes your operator to a total of 220 percent armor increase when you combine this and you max it to its fullest potential. Now though this may not be high for warframes, but frames like Chroma or Valkyr withdraw Arcane Guardian will benefit from the armor stacking a lot. So, when you combine this with them you will actually see a great potential when it comes to armor rating.

Unairu Focus School Active Abilities

Moving out to the actives, this is where you have abilities to turn the tides of battle and also reveals you Unairu as a force to reckon with. When dashing through an enemy Sundering Dash will reduce enemy armor by a percentage up to 60% while Crippling Dash will reduce the enemy damage output by 20% at max rank. Magnetic blast will turn an enemy into a bullet attractor for up to 10 seconds while Unairu Wish will spawn Wisp that can be picked up to increase operator damage. The chance of spawning Wisp can be maxed out to about 100 percent and the damage can also be maxed out to 100 percent as well, and this will only go for about 12 seconds.

The Wisp summon can now be collected as an inventory item. So, you also have to farm for Wisp the traditional way. Void Shadow will make allies around you invisible while Void Chrysalis will reduce the damage they take at the same time. A quick thing to note about this is that you can max this to reach allies within 25 meters and it will also drain energy per second so you have to pay attention to this. The right thing to do is to wait for the perfect time to use it. Void Shadow and Void Chrysalis will not affect certain allies such as Grineer drones or even some of the defence points in the mission. With all being put into perspective, the main reason to use Unairu is the ability to solo a tileset and also give great benefits to tank your frames in tanky allies in the game.

All the abilities in the set of this focus school will make a player stand out as an anchor and also a protective ally in every setup and every single mission. And if you have to invest in Unairu this is one of the main things you have to consider before adding your focus lenses to your favourite frames and the ones you use for farming. So, thank you very much for reading, hope this actually helps you to clarify some things about Unairu focus school, hope this lets you know what the benefits are and what are downsides to this focus school are. I’ll see you in the next one!