Hello everyone! I’m here to continue our guide through each focus school and I’m going to be taking a look at Vazarin Focus School and this is one of the best classes in the game.

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This is the class for those who like the idea of a mobile support. The abilities in the design of this focus school will not only help you as a defensive warrior but also as a meteor anchor for others as well. Vazarin Focus School comes with four passes and six active abilities.

Vazarin Focus School Abilities

Abilities & Benefits of Vazarin focus tree

Vazarin Focus School Passive Abilities

Mending Unity will increase affinity by 10 meters when you enter the operator mode. Mending Soul is like Nekros soul punch and is much more like a variation of Soul Survivor. The next allies you revive after the initial transference will be instantly revived. So, this can be very useful if you see an ally that is very important during the game, maybe your Trinity goes down, this can speed up the rate of getting back into action and this can also help a lot of you who like to fight Eidolon a lot.

Enduring Tides and Rejuvenating Tides are going to be your way bound abilities. This can be linked to other schools and Enduring Tides, in this case, will increase the operator’s maximum health while Rejuvenating Tides will give health regen per second. So, these two are very important, if you’re looking to invest in one ability, to begin with, this will be the best one that I would say you should go for at the beginning. You will also have and enjoy their regeneration for the health.

Vazarin Focus School Active Abilities

Now for the active powers. There is Void Regen which heals the Tenno whenever you enter into a void mode and also there is Void Aegis which creates a shield that grows over time but it also costs energy as well. So, these two are total opposites when it comes to energy drained versus the benefit you get from it. So, because Void Aegis drains energy I would advise you to deselect it if you plan on using Void Regen. So, in this way, you have enough energy for health and you don’t end up draining everything and you end up replenishing yourself at the same time. But if that is not going to be an issue for you and you like you want to benefit from that other one then I will say you can have it equipped and go for it.

Protective Dash grants immunity to the allies hit with a Void Dash and though it is only for a split second or a few seconds that is very very important when it comes to stopping a lethal blow that can be the difference between the entire squad going down and everybody still staying alive for the entire duration. Sonic Dash emits a shock wave that travels after a Void Dash to stun every enemy in its path. However, if this is selected Void Dash will no longer push enemies around, instead, you will be able to dash through them.

Now when in the next one it comes to Guardian Shell and Guardian Blast this will be another one of the must-have combinations when it comes to the entire set. With Guardian Shell, Void Blast can be charged to create a shield that draws enemy fires and absorbs damage at the same time. And Guardian Blast grants shield to allies when you hit them with a Void Blast and that is actually quite impressive. So, you can see Vazarin Focus School more as a defensive Guardian school. It is not like Madurai focus school. It is not like Zenurik focus school. This is more of a difference. So considering that what we had in focus 1.0, it was a little bit different from this.

Now you can attack you can protect and you can even do some crowd control at the same time. You are more likely to be also a great asset if played right and if you combine this with schools like Madurai or if you combine this with schools like Zenurik then you can really benefit a whole lot from this. Playing Vazarin means you have to constantly check on every single person in your squad and also makes you more responsible for a survival as well. Now that is if you really want to use it to its fullest and actually play the way it’s intended to. Let me know what you guys think about this focus school and if you mean this school let me know what abilities you enjoy the most. Thank you very much for reading hope this was helpful and I will see you in the next one!