Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. Update 22.6 came out a few hours ago and yet again, we got our Focus Points refunded.. for a good reason. The reason for that is Focus 2.5. But what exactly changed?

Focus 2.5 made everything much much more cost efficient. The first thing you gonna notice is the increasable Pool in the middle of all the 5 Focus trees. Before U22.6 each Focus School had its own Pool Points and you had to spend a lot of Focus Points just to activate maxed out Abilities/Passives. But that’s gone now. Vazarin, Zenurik, Naramon, Madurai, and Unairu are going to share one source of Pool Points and you don’t need to waste all of your precious points anymore.

But how does that work, which school is responsible for increasing the Pool Points itself? Very simple, your primary selected Focus School. So, if you have a school with a lot of points, good for you. Because you can now increase the Pool Points with every Focus School, it’s very easy to get a higher Pool count. In total, you need almost 200 points to activate all unbound abilities and maxed out passives in every School.

Actually, there are even more changes. Upgrading and maxing all of your Focus Abilities and Passives are also much more cost efficient. Overall, everything is very cheap, compared to Focus 2.0. After maxing out a whole tree I still have around 50% of my Vazarin Focus Points, which I can use to increase my Pool Points even further. All in all.. an amazing chance, especially for the beginner.

Also worth mentioning, abilities and passives now have an indicator for the next Rank. Makes it much easier for you to figure out how strong an ability or passive gets and how much Pool Points it really requires.

Well, that’s about it for today article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about the Focus 2.5 changes. Bye-bye.