Hey guys! Welcome to another Warframe article. And update 22.14.0 is here and while it doesn’t seem like a massive patch the changes that it did bring are pretty big. And the biggest change that was introduced with this update by far is the removal of Raids first of all and second of all the arcane rework.

So, Warframe arcanes are no longer installed onto helmets and syandanas. They basically work like extra mods now. Each warframe can equip two arcanes per build and the arcanes are now shared between all warframes and builds. So, if I take my lazy tank Inaros and I put on Arcane Victory and Arcane Guardian I can then put these arcanes onto another Inaros build or even another warframe like Rhino.

Each Warframe now has two arcane slots

The same goes for the Exodia Arcane Enhancements for Zaws. So, if you go into the upgrade section in your arsenal of a zaw you will see an arcane enhancement slot at the top right corner where you can place one of the Exodia ones.

You can equip Exodia Arcane on your Zaw

The ones for your operator’s amplifier were the exact same way too. You can once again share them between different amplifiers. And the same goes for the operator ones as well. Though since you only have one operator nothing has really changed here.

How do I view my Arcanes?

And finally, if you’re not a big fan of running around all over the place and going through bazillion menus to do your arcanes you can still access the Arcane Manager from your Foundry.

You can find all your arcanes in Arcane Manager

Also, the Eidolons Arcane drop tables were slightly adjusted based on new Arcane rarity calculation. And in addition, arcanes have received a visual overhaul. Arcane Rarity now matches the style we are used to seeing on Mods and Relics. Here is a representation of their rarity:

Visual overhaul of Arcane Rarity

Arcane rework is a really cool change in my opinion because it makes arcane enhancements more flexible and it also reduces the number of them that you need. Because you only really need one set of each. And it actually shows people that there are arcanes to be gotten whereas previously they were kind of hidden away and a lot of people I think didn’t even know there were arcane enhancements in the game.

Also, DE made it so that you can now trade fully ranked arcane so you don’t have to trade them one by one and then the person will stack them themselves. This is not a massive change but it’s definitely a welcomed one because it will save you a trade.

And that’s pretty much it for the article. So, I thank you very much for reading. And I will see you next time. Bye-bye.