Hey guys and today I want to take a quick look at Grineer pistol the Stubba.

Now, this is one of the two weapons you can get from the ghoul bounties(another one is Quartakk). And the blueprint for this one comes either as a reward from the level 15 to 25 bounty or it can randomly drop from the ghouls.

Stubba Build Requirements

Once you get the blueprint you can head over to your foundry and realize that the weapon is dirt cheap. It only requires 45 Grokdrul, 4485 ferrite, 25 coprite alloy, two neurodes, and a couple of credits.

Stubba Utility

The Stubba requires you to be at least mastery rank seven to use it. And it does 33 damage with each shot: 15.5 is slash, 14.2 is impact, and only 3.3 is puncture. It is an automatic pistol that fires 6.33 rounds per second with 57 rounds in the magazine 399 rounds in total and a very fast reload time only 1.3 seconds. It has a very solid crit chance of 23% a slightly below average crit multiplier of 190% and an okay 13% status chance.

Now, the Stubba first of all sounds pretty damn beefy for an automatic weapon. But it’s also horrendously inaccurate even at medium ranges it’s just gotta spray bullets all over the place. It also kicks quite a bit with the first two to four shots by it kinda calms down after that.

Stubba Build

Now, the weapon comes with one V polarity as standard and I’ve added three more V. So, it’s a three forma build and it’s sort of a standard hybrid build. So, it’s running Hornet Strike for damage, Lethal Torrent for fire rate and multishot, Barrel Diffusion for multishot, Primed Pistol Gambit for crit chance, Prime Target Cracker for crit multiplier. Then Scorch for heat damage and status chance and Pistol Pestilence with Jolt which combines into corrosive damage and gives you even more status chance.

Stubba Build that I use

And the reason I went for the standard corrosive and heat build rather than sort of a viral build that would focus on slash procs is because the weapon just does far too much impact damage and it was staggering enemies too much and not procing slash. So, it wasn’t that effective. It was better versus units that have a lot of alloy armor but it was worse against everything else. Also, over 100 level units especially from the Grineer faction a little bit too high for the Stubba. The Stubba actually performed decently against level 80 enemies.

Moving on to the Corpus where the high amount of impact damage is actually really good because it absolutely shreds through their shields and proto shields allowing the other damage type to take care of the health much faster. And I really like this because it means that you don’t have to swap your elemental combos around even at sortie three level you can just run it with corrosive and heat for all faction. And finally, we have the Infested where the Stubba actually surprised me because it melts them down super fast. It is really effective versus the infestation.

Now, as you can probably tell the Stubba isn’t a top-tier weapon but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a mastery rank seven weapon that you just randomly get by doing a bounty and it’s dirt cheap. But that doesn’t mean the weapon is awful. I would happily take it into an infested sortie or even a corpus sortie assuming it wasn’t an assassination. I wouldn’t take it to any high-level Grineer sorties. And it’s not because of the damage because the damage of the Stubba is good enough to do Grineer sortie three. It’s the ammo economy. The weapon is not very ammo efficient. It chews through ammo pretty damn fast. And once you start running into beefier enemies that can take a couple of hits like high-level Grineer with heavy armor, you’re gonna run out of ammo even if you’re running Carrier with Ammo Case.

But even with that said, the only reason I can think of for you to not pick the Stubba up is if you’re really struggling with weapon slots and that’s pretty much it. But if that’s not the case if you’re not struggling with weapon slots pick this weapon up or why not, especially if you’re a newer player. It’s a pretty good weapon for a newer player because it will carry you through the entire Star Chart through fissure missions, nightmare missions, and even early sorties because even though the Stubba isn’t top tier it is still pretty damn good. I mean, the Stubba can shred level 80 enemies which is the vast majority of the game and the weapon is fun to use. I like the rhythm of the fire rate. It sounds awesome. It looks awesome. It has the right amount of cake and it has a really fast reload speed. And let us not forget once again that the Stubba is dirt cheap. So, definitely pick this up unless you’re struggling with weapon slots and that’s pretty much it for the article So, I thank you very much for reading. And I will see you next time. Bye-bye.