Hey guys! Today I’m going to be showing you how to get Nekros in Warframe.

The first step to getting Nekros is to buy an orokin derelict key from the market for 1500 credits. Note that these keys require Nav Coordinates and you will not have to buy the blueprint again to make another key.

orokin derelict keys on market

Nav Coordinates can be found by breaking containers or opening lockers on any planet. All keys except for the assassination key takes 60 seconds to build. And I highly recommend building the exterminate key which brings me to my second point - once you’ve built your derelict key you want to farm for Lephantis Nav Coordinates. These can be found by opening lockers and breaking the containers around the map. The reason why I recommended exterminate missions for the derelict is because the chances of you finding lockers and containers are much greater than say a survival mission or defense mission. You need to obtain five Lephantis Nav Coordinates in order to build your orokin derelict assassinate key.

Lephantis pink flushing weak spots

Once your assassination key is built you will fight the boss named Lephantis. This boss can be defeated by shooting their pink flushing weak spots. You will go through two phases of fighting this boss. The first phase consists of you and your team fighting three heads of the Lephantis all of which pop out of the ground and will attack you. You will notice the pink flashing weak spots when they attack. This is your chance to inflict damage on the heads. Once you succeed through phase one, you will be moving to phase two. During phase two you and your team will be fighting the Lephantis with all three heads attacking you at the same time. The same process goes for killing the Lephantis during the second phase aim for the pink fleshy exposed spots. Once you’ve defeated the Lephantis, at the end of the mission it will either give you a Nekros Neuroptics Nekros Systems or Nekros Chasis. To get all three components you’ll need to fight the Lephantis until you get all of them. The process is tedious but well worth it. This has been my explanation on how to get Nekros in Warframe. Thanks for reading. Bye guys.