Hey guys and welcome to another warframe build. Today we’re going to check out Mesa Peacemaker Build.

I use all the time this Mesa build and it utilizes Shooting Gallery, Shatter Shield and most importantly Peacemaker. My Mesa Peacemaker Build doesn’t focus as much on kill time though it still does more than enough damage to take you through sortie three (Eximus Stronghold, Physical Enhancement, and Elemental Enhancement) it focuses far more on efficiencies, survivability, and sort of just a quality of life stuff. So, you can actually stand there in the middle of Eximus Stronghold on sortie tree and go ham with the regulators.

Amazing Mesa Build

So, here’s the build I’m talking about. It’s running Corrosive Projection as it’s aura. Now, you can use something like Pistol Amp which will increase the damage of peacemakers but Corrosive Projection is a lot better if you’re going up against high-level enemies especially if you’re fighting the Grineer or the Corrupted. And while you could run Energy Siphon to get a little bit of energy here and there it is kind of pointless because it gets deactivated during Peacemaker. Then I’m running a stupid amount of duration with Augur Message, Primed Continuity, and Narrow Minded which kind of double dips for this setup. It will give us more duration for Shooting Gallery which is going to increase our damage. It’s gonna give us a longer duration on Shatter Shield which provides massive damage reduction and it reduces the energy drain for Peacemaker effectively giving us more efficiency. But using Narrow Minded will cut our range in half which is not good for this setup because it narrows down the field of view for peacemaker so I’m using Cunning Drift and Stretch to bring it back up again. The way this works is every time you take a shot with the regulators the area in which Mesa will target enemies shrinks a little bit and the damage increase a little bit and this stacks all the way up to 40 shots.

Mesa Peacemaker Build

Now, this isn’t that big of a deal if you don’t have a super efficient setup like this where you only get out of like 20 shots per peacemaker but since this setup is super efficient you are very likely to fire more than 40 shots. So, you’d have to be insanely accurate towards the end. And that’s really not what I wanted with this setup. I basically want to point peacemaker in one direction and kill everything that’s there.

Next up, we’re gonna add Vitality which is gonna skyrocket our effective health pool thanks to Shatter Shield which is gonna reduce the damage we take by 95%. And this is very important because you are in mobile during peacemaker which is very dangerous and it’s what allows you to stand in the middle of a sortie tree Eximus Stronghold and just do damage all the time.

My Mesa Peacemaker Build

Next, on the menu, we have Transient Fortitude which is gonna do three things for us. It will, first of all, add more bonus damage to our Shooting Gallery. It’s also gonna cap out our Shatter Shield at 95% damage reduction and it’s gonna increase the damage multiplier for Peacemaker. Now, I think you can just go with Intensify and that’s still gonna cap out your Shatter Shield at 95% damage reduction which is the most important thing here. But I went with Transient Fortitude because I have a ton of duration to spare and it just adds more damage. Then I’m using Streamline for a little bit of efficiency and this is just so that Shooting Gallery and Shatter Shield aren’t as expensive energy wise but it also reduces the initial activation cost of Peacemaker which is really good. And finally I have Primed Flow which a lot of people disagreed with last time but I really like it and it just makes sense to me on this setup, especially because of how Peacemaker works - the more shots you take the more damage you do. And it generally just allows you to bank a ton of energy and then stay in Peacemaker for long periods of time.

Now, let’s quickly check out the stats take. I’m personally using the Pyrana but it doesn’t really matter which weapon you use because Peacemaker isn’t affected by the stats of the weapon. It’s just the mods that you have on the weapon. Though some weapons are still better than others because if you choose a weapon that’s gonna be effective even with sort the stats take setup that’s boosting Peacemaker you’re gonna have an effective sidearm as well. Now, the damage of Peacemaker is affected by a ton of different stuff. So, first up, we have generic damage - Hornet Strike. Then we have multishot - Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent.

Pyrana is an effective weapon to use it with Mesa Peacemaker Build

It’s also affected by crit so we go with Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker. And finally elemental mods so we have Convulsion, Pathogen Rounds, and Primed Heated Charge. This is essentially the same setup I would use on the Pyrana if I didn’t have a riven for it. So, that’s why I chose it for my stats take because it’s still very effective even outside of Peacemaker. So, yeah, even though you can slap this on literally any secondary weapon in the game I mean you can put it on the MK1-Lato and it’s gonna be just fine. It is far more efficient in my opinion to go with the weapon that’s already effective with that kind of build. So, a crit based secondary where it would go for 90% elementos. Now, I absolutely adored this Mesa Peacemaker Build. It is one of my most used setups for sorties. I will take it into defense, mobile defense, interception, and generally just enemy physical enhancement, enemy elements enhancement, and Eximus Stronghold. It’s also fantastic for assassination missions because it just melds bosses. And it’s generally beefy enough to survive those missions as well. Though you have to bear in mind that you have to keep up your Shatter Shield because if that goes down you will go down very shortly afterward. And every now and then a random enemy will hit you or slap you and it will go down almost instantly because while you have almost 1,000 health you only have 65 armor and that’s not a lot.

So, it is a very strong setup indeed and I like it an awful lot. But it does have two weak points. The first one is nullifiers. You simply cannot turn into nullifier bubbles so those are very dangerous. And the second one is arctic eximus units because while you can easily kill one arctic eximus unit even with its bubble up but if there are two or more of them and they’re close together and both of their bubbles so their bubbles overlap missile will just not target anything inside the overlap. And I don’t know if that’s a bug or if it’s supposed to work that way but it’s dangerous nonetheless because they can still shoot you while you can’t shoot them. And I think I’ve been rambling for a long enough. So, I thank you very much for reading as always. I hope you have enjoyed the Mesa build and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.