Hey guys and today I will show you and explain how to complete Sands Of Inaros Quest and get your hands on Inaros.

So, first thing you need to do is to buy this quest from Baro Ki’Teer. You will need only 100 ducats and 25000 credits to buy the quest. After buying the quest return to the ship and craft blueprint wait for six hours or just speed up process with platinum.

Once the crafting is finished go to your Codex and begin the quest. In that moment the quest itself will send you to a journey on Mars for hidden treasure inside the tomb. When you finally arrive inside the tomb you will find Sacred Vessel. And once you extract you’ll get Inaros blueprint.

Then go back to your ship, skip cutscene if you like, go to your Arsenal. Then to the Gear section and equipped Sacred Vessel. Now, you need to take a closer look on your Sacred Vessel because on average Sacred Vessel you will see an image of which kind of enemy you need to defeat in order to fill it up. There will be three type of enemies that can be designated by the glyph: Corpus, Grineer, and Infested type which will be different between every player. So, pay attention on which type you will get.

How to get Inaros Neuroptics?

Warframe How to get Inaros Neuroptics

As you can see I got Volatile Runner(It also could be Seeker or Detron Crewman) which is interested and if you did too go to infested types of missions in order to defeat 60 of them. When you collect enough Baro Ki’Teer will come back to the ship and when you get back Vessel glyph will start glowing which means you are done. Then you must return to the Inaros temple on Mars to return the Vessel and this is the end of the first part.

Inaros Quest Vessel Symbols meaning

Here is image with all possible glyph that can be presented on Sacred Vessel and suggested missions where you can find type of enemies you need to kill: Warframe How to get Inaros

How to get Inaros Chassis?

The second part of this quest is the same thing. So, take second Vessel and once again you will get a random type of enemy which need to kill. But before you can leave the tomb this time you’ll need to defeat a bunch of annoying kavats.

Once you clear the coast return to the ship look which enemy did you get and go to the hunting mod once again. This time I got Brood Mother(It also could be Hyekka Master or Railgun MOA) so infested type and same missions again. After defeating 20 of them Baro Ki’Teer will let you know that you’re done.

Warframe How to get Inaros Chassis

So, take your vessels go to the tomb and open the next chamber and when it opens take the third Vessel and when you take it giant Tomb Guardian will appear. Destroying the Tomb Guardian will make it spawn into numerous smaller versions of itself and each of these in turn will spawn more smaller copies of themselves upon being destroyed. This process will repeat at least two more times before the Tomb Guardian are finally destroyed.

How to get Inaros Systems?

The third Vessel will require only five kills Denial Bursa, Manic, or Juggernaut. You’ll get one of them. If you are lucky to get Manic as I did. It will be easy job. Just go to the Uranus Tyl Regor assassination mission and before meeting the boss Manics will spawn. Defeat them and you’re done.

Warframe How to get Inaros Systems

Once you finish that part take your Sacred Vessel and same story my friends. Place it inside the tomb. When large doors opens take the next Sacred Vessel but don’t worry you won’t have to fill it up again. In that moment boss will arrive of course it’s Inaros and after defeating him you’ll get all parts in Foundry required to craft him.

In conclusion, Sands Of Inaros Quest will take your time but it’s worth it because Inaros is rare and great frame to play with. And if you get stuck in any part of the quest ask your clanmates, friends, or anyone in recruitment chat for help. And that’s pretty much it for the How to get Inaros guide. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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