Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at the Oberon Eidolon Hunter Build.

So, for the Oberon Eidolon Hunter Build I’m using Dead Eye as its aura which increases your sniper rifle damage and I feel this is the best aura for hunting the Eidolons nowadays because you can no longer strip away their armor with Corrosive Projection and you can not disrupt their shields with Shield Disruption either. But this aura obviously only applies if you are running a sniper rifle.

Oberon Eidolon Hunter Build that I use

Then I’m using Power Drift and Transient Fortitude for some strength which means I provide more armor via Hallowed Ground if people are standing on it and I pop Renewal and it also makes Renewal heal me, my allies and the lures far more. Next up I have a Fleeting Expertise that’s two ranks from the top to save on some duration and a fully rank Streamline for efficiency so that Renewal doesn’t drain too much energy.

Then I’m running Vitality for some extra health which works really well with the bonus armor you will provide to yourself by a Renewal. Next up I’m running Hunter Adrenaline for some extra energy generation because it converts 45% of all the damage that’s done to your health into energy. However, I feel like this is not that great at least for the Eidolon Teralyst because it doesn’t seem to give you an awful lot of energy because there aren’t too many phases where you’re gonna be taking non-stop damage. I feel it’s worth it if you’re going solo especially in the final phase where the fight will last much longer but if you’re going in with a party I would swap in Phoenix Renewal instead.

Then I’m using Prime Flow so I can bank a ton of energy and just pop Renewal and keep it on throughout the entire fight. But don’t worry if you don’t have the Primed version the standard version will be just fine. And to top it all off I am using Constitution and Primed Continuity, once again the standard Continuity will be just fine, to get some duration mostly to balance out Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude.

And such amount of duration we need for two reasons. Number one, if you have too much negative duration Renewal, is gonna drain a ton more energy. And number two you need your Hallowed Grounds to last throughout the entire energy spike because it makes you immune to status effect so you can actually avoid the magnetic proc you get from the energy spikes. Just make sure you pop it right as you break one of the joins and make sure your warframe is standing on the Hallowed Ground because it’s your warframe that’s getting hit by the magnetic proc.

And this is one of the reasons why Oberon is so good and has become a part of the meta squad for hunting the Eidolons - the immunity to magnetic products means that you are not going to lose energy every time the energy spike happens. But it’s not just that. It’s also the ability to keep up lures very easily because you just pop Renewal and the lures will continuously get healed so they are probably not going to die. Then if you pop out the Hallowed Ground every now and then any Eidolon Vomvalyst that flies on the Hallowed Ground will instantly get popped into the sort of ghost version of them. And it kind of reduces the damage you have to do to them in half which really helps with Vomvalyst management. And finally, if you’re not using Hunter Adrenaline you can either slap in Phoenix Renewal for a free revive every 90 seconds or you can slap on Smite Infusion and give your allies more radiation damage.

And finally, some people also say that for them this is the easiest warframe to solo the Eidolons. And while I can see how that is the case for the Eidolon Gantulyst and the Eidolon Hydrolyst, I still think that Rhino is the undisputed king when it comes to the Eidolon Teralyst. Especially if you’re just starting to get into the fight and you’re learning it because you have Iron Skin. Now, the coolest thing about this Oberon build is that it’s not just limited to hunting the Eidolons. It is a Renewal build after all so it’s fantastic for high-level missions as well because it’s super beefy thanks to Renewal and Iron Renewal. So, you can very easily use it as a tanky support in high-level missions or even sorties.

And that’s pretty much it for the Oberon Eidolon Hunter Build. Now, of course, this build will work on Oberon Prime as well as the standard version. It may just require a little bit of forma on the regular Oberon. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.