Hey guys and today we’re going to take a look at the Hydroid Puddle Build.

So, for the Hydroid Puddle Build, I’m using Corrosive Projection as its aura mod to kind of speed up the stripping of armor with Corroding Barrage. But it’s not necessary. You can swap this for literally anything you want. Then in the exilus slot I am using Aviator which is just another layer of defense for when things get really bad and I ran out of energy. I can just jump into the air for a while and I get additional 40% damage reduction which is really nice.

Hydroid Puddle Build that I use

Then I have Primed Continuity and Augur Message for some extra duration. The normal Continuity will work just fine as well. Then I’m using Vitality for some extra health and Steel Fiber for more armor and this may seem horrifically unnecessary because we’re gonna spend most of our time in Undertow and we’re invincible in Undertow but this is an endgame focused build and you don’t want to get one shot whenever you pop out of Undertow to pick up life support or energy or something like that.

Then I’m running Fleeting Expertise that’s two ranks from the top to save on some duration and a fully ranked Streamline for some efficiency. Now, the combination of this with Primed Continuity and Augur Message makes Undertow only drain .5 energy when you’re stationary and it makes the grab only cost 1.5 energy so it’s super efficient. And this in combination with Primed Flow or just a regular Flow will allow you to stain Undertow cast Corroding Barrage and continuously pull enemies for a very long time.

And the final mod on the menu is Corroding Barrage which augments Tempest Barrage and makes it proc corrosive with every single explosion. This is one of the most busted things in the game because even without any bonus power strength you can kill level 100 Grineer by dragging them into Undertow and tapping Tempest Barrage on top of it. You don’t even have to charge it up for the bonus damage at a level 100.

Arcanes that I suggest you to use with Hydroid Puddle Build

Now, when it comes to arcanes I would very much recommend you try to get your hands on Arcane Energize if you really want to pimp this Hydroid build out. It’s what I would use if I had it because it gives you a 40% chance to restore 100% extra energy to you and nearby allies whenever you pick up an energy orb. This helps immensely with energy management.

Now, the gameplay here is very straightforward. You simply find a nice spot that you like. You pop into Undertow and you will keep dragging enemies into Undertow by mousing over them and pressing the left mouse button. If you’re fighting higher-level enemies or you’ve gripped in something beefier like a Bombard or Napalm you can pop Tempest Barrage to deal with them.

And finally, if you’re running out of life support or energy or you simply want to move somewhere else I would recommend you pop Tentacle Swarm which will crowd control everything around your puddle. You can pop out and pop back in. The Hydroid Puddle Build can basically keep going forever assuming that you know how to manage your energy which is where the weakness comes in. Enemy eximus energy leeches those are a pain in the backside because if you suck in an energy leech it will keep draining your energy until it drowns. And the best way that I found to deal with them is to simply pop out of your puddle and shoot them before they get too close. Though this is really dangerous at high levels. But if you can reliably do it without dying you can as I’ve said already keep going forever with this Hydroid build.

So, it’s pretty much it for the Hydroid Puddle Build. And I thank you very much for reading as always guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.