Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. And today we’re gonna take a look at Zephyr who has had a bit of a rework with update 22.12.0.

So, DE bundled Tail Wind and Dive Bomb together so if you press her first ability and you’re looking ahead or up you’re gonna cast Tail Wind and if you’re looking down you’re gonna do a Dive Bomb. And Dive Bomb has been replaced by a new ability called Airburst which will shoot out three little projectiles that will do a little bit of damage to enemies they hit and knock them back or if you hit one of your tornadoes with them they will grow in size. It’s also a one-handed ability so you can use it while performing other stuff like reloading which is super cool.

Zephyr Jet Stream Build

Now, when it comes to Zephyr most of the time I use Jet Stream Build which is a very versatile build and can adapt to basically any situation in the game. It focuses a lot on Turbulence to give you some defence and it uses the Jet Stream augment to give you more movement speed and projectile speed. But it still has enough efficiency so you can Tail Wind around the Plains of Eidolon or even use Tornadoes and Airburst if you want to.

Warframe Zephyr Build

So, for Zephyr Jet Stream Build I’m using Energy Siphon as its aura which gives me a little bit of extra energy but it’s not a mandatory you can easily run Corrosive Projection and get some armor stripping in there as well. Then I’m using Primed Continuity and Narrow Minded to get some extra duration for Turbulence and Tornadoes as well. Stretch and Cunning Drift are here to balance out the negative range from Narrow Minded because the way Turbulence works. It’s kind of projects an aura around you that will deflect bullets. But if you go into negative range the aura will start to shrink and your sentinel will start to get hit and if you go too far into the negative range you will start to get a hit as well.

Next up is Redirection for a ton of shields because every now and then you will get hit through Turbulence and this gives you a nice health buffer that will recharge under Turbulence because you’re not gonna get hit all that often.

Next up is the Jet Stream augment for Turbulence which on top of creating an aura that will deflect bullets around you will give you bonus movement speed and bonus projectile speed which with certain weapons increases your range as well. Let’s take the Arca Plasmor for an example which is a fantastic weapon to run with this. The projectile that it fires doesn’t have the limited range it has a limited duration. It will just disappear after a set amount of time which means that if we increase the speed of the projectile it will travel much farther before it disappears. Another weapon that’s really cool to run with this Jet Stream Build is the Tonkor because if you get enough power strength the grenades will stop bouncing and they will start exploding on impact.

Next, on the menu, I have Fleeting Expertise which gives me a ton of efficiency at the cost of some duration. And this is so that I can cast abilities all the time. However, if you don’t want to spam abilities all the time you can just go with Streamline and save yourself a lot of duration.

Then I am using Transient Fortitude to get a little bit of extra power strength. This just makes Tornadoes and Airburst do a little bit of extra damage but it also affects the Jet Stream augment so it’s gonna give us more movement speed and more projectile speed. And the final mod slot is very much up to you. I’m personally using Primed Flow so that I can bank a ton of energy and fly around the Plains. But you can use Natural Talent for faster casting, Rush for more sprint speed, Handspring for faster cooldown recovery or whatever you want really.

Warframe Zephyr Build Arcanes

Now, when it comes to arcanes I’m personally using Arcane Victory which gives you a chance to regenerate health on a headshot. This is pretty good for kind of sustaining your health underneath all the shields and Turbulence for when you get hit by like a slash or a toxin proc. And I’m using Arcane Healing which gives you an 80% chance to resist a radiation status effect. And this is for sorties because I do a lot of sorties with this build. And also both the Tornadoes and Airburst are absolutely devastating in radiation sortie. So, I decided to use this to kind of counteract that.

But it’s very much not the only option you can go for. You can, for example, use Arcane Strike and Fury for the melee bonuses if you want to go full melee with this Zephyr Build which you very much can. You can play it’s kind of like a Speed Volt thanks to Jet Stream or you can go with Arcane Energize which will give you much better energy sustain.

Now, the Zephyr Jet Stream Build was originally made for the Plains of Eidolon just to run around really fast and zoom around fly about and do bounties. And it is fantastic for that. This setup is probably my favourite bounty build. It is really cool. It just feels so much more efficient and effective than any other build. Yeah, it may not be as tanky as Rhino Iron Skin Build or Inaros Lazy Tank Build but it’s tanky enough to do even the highest level bounties. And you can just zoom from one bounty to another very quickly. And yes, I know you can use archwing but if you’re gonna use it for every single objective in the bounty you’re gonna run out of charges really damn fast. And that’s why I really like doing bounties on this build because it’s really fast. I can just zoom around without using up my archwing charges and I can keep them for hunting the Eidolons.

Overall, it’s just a very well-balanced Zephyr Build in my opinion. It’s really mobile. It’s very beefy thanks to Turbulence and it can do a ton of damage with Tornadoes as well. And it also has a good amount of crowd control with Airburst and Tornadoes which is why I really like to use it in high-level missions as well. So, high-end fissures high-end nightmare missions or even sorties. The only real weakness of this Zephyr Build is the infestation because they will run past your Turbulence and smack you in the face which hurts a lot.

And finally, as I’ve mentioned already you can also go the speed Volt route as well and just to run around and melee stuff with a polearm or something. You can get a serious amount of sprint speed with this build especially if you tweak it a little bit. So, you, for example, replace Energy Siphon with Sprint Boost and Primed Flow with Rush. This will basically turn you into Volt with the added benefit of having Turbulence.

So, I would definitely recommend you try this Zephyr Build out because it is very versatile and it is a ton of fun to use. And that’s pretty much it for the Zephyr Jet Stream Build. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful. And I will see you next time. Bye-bye.