Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at Equinox Mend and Maim Build.

So, for the Equinox Mend and Maim Build I’m using Corrosive Projection as its aura mainly because Mend and Maim will disable your Energy Siphon so you’re not gonna get any energy from it. But it’s also pretty good especially versus the Grineer and the Corrupted for the follow-up explosion you can do it with Mend and Maim by reactivating it once you stack some damage by damaging enemies in its range. And then I’m using Vitality because I just hate squishy frames so I wanted to add some health. I have Overextendeded and Cunning Drift for a ton of range and this will allow you to cover the majority of something like Hydron and even IO on Jupiter.

Warframe Equinox Mend and Maim Build

Then to balance out Overextendeded I’m using Augur Secrets, Intensify, and Power Drift. I did not want to go with either Transient Fortitude or Blind Rage because that would significantly increase the drain which with this build as at 0.88 energy per second which is achieved by having a Streamline and a fully ranked Fleeting Expertise.

And finally, this is probably the most important mod on this build we have Energy Conversion which doesn’t work that well on a lot of builds but it’s fantastic for the Equinox Mend and Maim Build. It gives you 50% bonus power strength to your next ability after you pick up an energy orb. And this allows us to cast Mend and Maim which is slightly under 200% power strength which is more than enough. This is all thanks to Pacify and Provoke.

So, what you want to do with this build is as soon as you go into the mission you want to switch into the day phase which will give you Provoke and Maim. You then want to activate Provoke and Maim and just kill enemies until you get an energy orb once you pick up your first energy orb you want to deactivate Provoke and reactivate it again which will make it so that you will get 32% power strength instead of 22. And you do not want to deactivate Provoke until the end of the mission. This alone makes it so that your Maim has 141% power strength instead of just 109. However, if you then pick up another energy orb you will get the energy conversion buff again and if you deactivate and reactivate Mend and Maim it will now have 191% power strength instead of 109. And this is why even though we only have 109% power strength we can do insane amounts of damage without stacking Maim for like an hour. With the added benefit of having mad amounts of range things to Overextended and also stupidly high efficiency that will basically make it so that you will never run out of energy.

This build is far more active than something like Saryn Spore Build or Banshee Resonating Quake Build which is probably why I like it more than those two builds because you do have to run around and do damage to the enemies and stacked Mend and Main and unleash a mad amount of damage onto the enemies. But it absolutely trashes things like Hydron especially if you are a bit smart and you bring a syndicate weapon in your main hand because when the syndicate effect goes off it will stack a ton of damage for your Mend and Maim.

This Mend and Maim Build is so much fun. I love it so much for so many different reasons. The interaction between Energy Conversion and Provoke and then Energy Conversion and Maim is really cool. It’s kind of a press four to win frame but it still maintains that frantic combat that I love about warframe. And last but definitely not least its effectiveness is very much up to you the player. If you do it wrong you’re not gonna get a lot of damage out of it. And that is what makes it super satisfying when you do it right and you see that massive explosion that wipes out an entire map.

So, I would definitely recommend you check this build out because this is probably my favorite of like mad AoE kind of build in the game right now. And I can’t really think of any arcanes that would enhance this build too much. So, you probably want to go with something defensive because you don’t, for example, need Arcane Energize thanks to all the efficiency. And it’s pretty much it for the Equinox Mend and Maim Build. And I thank you very much for reading as always guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.