Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you guys an updated version of Saryn Spore Build article. As all of you know update 22.20 brought a bunch of new stuff and the biggest change by far is definitely Saryn 3.0. And then Saryn 3.5 rework happens. And because of that, I decided to update this build article too.

Saryn 3.0 Rework

So, the Saryn 3.0 was the stuff of nightmares. This rework basically flips Saryn upside down and give her a whole new groove. It came with some good things some bad things. It sometimes might even give you a hard time modding her. And for the same reason I’ve put together this short article to serve as a guide, explains some things, and also show you what you have to do when it comes to modding the new Saryn.

Saryn Abilities Rework

So, a quick synopsis of what has changed. Spores damage has been changed from viral to corrosive. Spores cannot be cast on multiple enemies. You will have to cast it on a single target. Hit the target with your weapons and that is going to be the only way for you to spread it around. Now, you can no longer cast Spores on your Molt and that is a bummer for a lot of people including myself. And with mods, you can increase your speed for a short time when you cast that ability. Toxic Lash like usual multiplies the damage of Spores. It now applies to all weapons instead of just your melee weapon and I think that is a good news for most of the Saryn players out there. Now, Miasma damage has also been changed to viral so it gives you a little bit of that old Saryn nuke effect.

Saryn 3.5 Rework

So, patch 22.20.5 introduced few more tweaks to Saryn Spores because DE wasn’t quite happy with her performance, especially in high-density scenarios like the onslaught. But at the same time, they were also not happy with their performance in low-density missions. Saryn was basically too strong in high density and two weak in the low density.

So, what they did is, first of all, remove the Spore detonation aspect of the ability. So, casting Spores, while you already have Spores active will no longer detonate them but create additional spores and it will only cost half the energy it normally would if you don’t have any Spores. So it’s cheaper, but at the same time, it will remove 20% of your stacks spore damage. So, if you have it up to 1000 and you cast Spores it will drop down to 800.

Then they normalize the base range of spreading spores to 16 meters because there were a couple of outliers that I actually think were lower than that. I think some of them were at eight meters, so they normalized it. So everything has a base spreading range of 16 meters.

Then comes the biggest and the most important change, which is a removed spread on enemies that die to a spores tick damage. This is huge because it means that spores no longer spread on their own. You or someone else either has to shoot the spore or you have to use Toxic Lash and attack the enemy.

Then they changed the way the spore damage stacks because instead of ramping up every time any of your Spores did damage it’s now based on enemies infected. And this is just a straight up nerf even though they doubled the rate at which your Spores stack damage. And it’s because you are able to have multiple spores on the enemy, which when it comes to scaling the damage of your Spores does nothing now.

And on top of that, they kept the damaged scaling to just 10 enemies, which means that with base stats you can get 20 damage per tick at best. You can increase your power strength to get a little bit more, but it’s nowhere near as crazy as it was before. Though at least they made it so that when all your Spores run out, you don’t instantly lose all your stacks for damage. You will instead lose 20% of your spore damage and then 10% every second until it runs out.

How does Saryn 3.5 Rework feel?

Although the insane damage scaling was nerfed to the ground the new Saryn feels amazing in my opinion. One main reason why I say that it’s great is that the detonation thing was removed and by recasting it on different target we can preserve some of the spores growth. Now, I’ve been testing Saryn on the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and so far she’s still the queen of this mission. The new Saryn right now feels more lively and active because of the new mechanics compared to Saryn 3.0 where at some point you can just stand in place and watch the enemies die from your spores. I still can farm the Sanctuary Onslaught with new Saryn and I’m having no issue using her on this mission.

Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 3.5

Saryn Spore Build for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

So, I did change my Saryn Build for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Right now I have this current mod setup for this mission.

Saryn Spore Build that I use

And here’s Saryn Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Build that I previously used(Saryn 3.0). Saryn Spore Build that I used for Sanctuary Onslaught

So, I’ve decided to just use Augur Reach and Stretch since Spores are now recastable and you don’t usually end up losing all your spore growth because of the new decay mechanic. I also remove Blind Rage in this build and replace it with Transient Fortitude as I don’t have any efficiency mods anymore on this build. I rely on Hunter Adrenaline to restore my lost energy and as always I have Quick Thinking, Regenerative Molt, and Vitality for survivability. Now, you can replace Quick Thinking with Steel Fiber if you don’t like the stagger effect of this mod. Anyway, it still works fine.

Saryn Spore Build

Now, in other mission types I’m also using the same exact build I’m running on Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. I did run Saryn in sortie missions today and as well as some other missions and so far she’s still a good warframe in my honest opinion. In fact, the new mechanics have made her better as the spores now can be spread consistently with the recast and decay mechanic. The only thing that I think should need improvement is how fast the decay of Spore growth. It’s like Atlas rubble mechanics on its initial form and I hope that Digital Extremes consider lowering the decay rate of the spores.

Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 3.0

Saryn Spore Build that I used

So, here is my Spore Builds for Saryn that I used for Saryn 3.0. So, this is a typical Spore Build with lots of range. You got to have lots of range to constantly spread the spores. It’s pretty helpful, especially in solo missions. I usually take this build in survival missions or exterminate missions. And it’s a pretty great Saryn Build that gives you flexibility in using all of her abilities and not just the Spores ability.

Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 2.0

And here’s Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 2.0. I decided to leave it as a reminder of how it was, in case of some future Saryn reworks.

Saryn Spore Build that I use

I used Steel Charge on my Aura because I will be focusing more on melee damage and I also use Blind Rage Transient Fortitude and Intensify to get that 200+ power strength. This will also increase damage per second which is the main thing I was also going for but you can swap out Intensify for another duration mod to increase the amount of duration that spores have and you can add some set mods or some utility mods as well.

So, those are the changes and my builds for Saryn 3.5, Saryn 3.0, and Saryn 2.0 right now. I may find more build variations as I play this awesome warframe and don’t worry as I will keep you updated on all my experiments. Now, I strongly suggest that you try using Saryn. She’s really amazing right now and not that complex to use.

So, that’s it. Hope that you find this Saryn Spore Build article informative. And I’ll see you in the next one.