Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you guys an updated version of Saryn Spore Build article. As all of you know update 22.20 brought a bunch of new stuff and the biggest change by far is definitely Saryn 3.0. And because of that, I decided to update this build article too.

So, the new Saryn rework or Saryn 3.0 as I would like to call it is going to be the stuff of nightmares. This rework basically flips Saryn upside down and give her a whole new groove. It came with some good things some bad things. It sometimes might even give you a hard time modding her. And for the same reason I’ve put together this short article to serve as a guide, explains some things, and also show you what you have to do when it comes to modding the new Saryn.

Saryn Abilities Rework

So, a quick synopsis of what has changed. Spores damage has been changed from viral to corrosive. Spores cannot be cast on multiple enemies. You will have to cast it on a single target. Hit the target with your weapons and that is going to be the only way for you to spread it around. Now, you can no longer cast Spores on your Molt and that is a bummer for a lot of people including myself. And with mods, you can increase your speed for a short time when you cast that ability. Toxic Lash like usual multiplies the damage of Spores. It now applies to all weapons instead of just your melee weapon and I think that is a good news for most of the Saryn players out there. Now, Miasma damage has also been changed to viral so it gives you a little bit of that old Saryn nuke effect.

How Saryn 3.0 Rework affect your builds?

Now, that you know what has changed. Here’s how it will affect your builds and your play style. Because Spores can now be cast continuously it saves some energy but sadly the enemy of that will be the excessive power strength. If your power strength is too high the enemies will often die out of range and will not be able to spread that spores around. This is why you want to keep your power strength sometimes maybe below 100% at certain levels and nothing more than 150% for some high-level enemies. I tested this out and it resulted in a waste of energy because I had to reactivate Spores almost every single time. Basically, more than I expected. So, whatever you do don’t use too much power strength on your Saryn Build if you’re going for a Spore Build.

Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 3.0

Saryn Spore Build

Saryn Spore Build that I use
So, here is my Spore Builds for Saryn. So, first one is a typical Spore Build with lots of range. You got to have lots of range to constantly spread the spores. It’s pretty helpful, especially in solo missions. I usually take this build in survival missions or exterminate missions. And it’s a pretty great Saryn Build that gives you flexibility in using all of her abilities and not just the Spores ability.

Saryn Spore Build for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

Saryn Spore Build that I use for Sanctuary Onslaught
For the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, I have to tweak that Spore Build for a bit. I did add Quick Thinking and Hunter Adrenaline specifically for this mission for more survivability. Saryn has a really high energy pool and I want to take advantage of that. I don’t really care much about duration in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as I usually can maintain Spores in this mission even running it solo. However, always equip Regenerative Molt with you, no matter what mission you are doing. This augment mod is really helpful in terms of survivability and to tell you honestly I can’t go on a mission without this mod.

Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 2.0

And here’s Saryn Spore Build for Saryn 2.0. I decided to leave it as a reminder of how it was, in case of some future Saryn reworks.
Saryn Spore Build that I used

I used Steel Charge on my Aura because I will be focusing more on melee damage and I also use Blind Rage Transient Fortitude and Intensify to get that 200+ power strength. This will also increase damage per second which is the main thing I was also going for but you can swap out Intensify for another duration mod to increase the amount of duration that spores have and you can add some set mods or some utility mods as well.

So, those are the changes and my builds for Saryn 3.0(Saryn 2.0 as well) right now. I may find more build variations as I play this awesome warframe and don’t worry as I will keep you updated on all my experiments. Now, I strongly suggest that you try using Saryn. She’s really amazing right now and not that complex to use.

So, that’s it. Hope that you find this Saryn Spore Build article informative. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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Chris · 22.05.2018 at 07:35

Well that was informative indeed , thanks a lot, by the way since saryn got an armor buff isn’t recommended using steel fiber?

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