Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at Frost Avalanche Build. This is my favorite Frost Build and it’s focused around the Icy Avalanche augment mod.

Besides the Frost Avalanche Build you might be interested in others Frost builds. Well, if that is the case, you should definitely check out these two builds: the Frost Snow Globe Build and the Frost Ice Wave Build.

Frost Avalanche Build

So, for Frost Avalanche Build, I’m using Rejuvenation as its aura. The idea being here that if I take some damage to health, this will slowly regenerated behind a massive amount of shields and additional protection from Icy Avalanche. But if you want to run Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection, go right ahead.

Frost Avalanche Build

Now for this build, I’m using Power Drift, Intensify, and Transient Fortitude for a lot of power strength because it’s kind of double dip. It increases the damage of Avalanche, which by the way isn’t too bad. It’s actually really good for clearing out a massive groups of enemies. And it also increases the effectiveness of the Icy Avalanche. So, we’re going to get a bigger shield for each enemy hit by Avalanche. However, Avalanche is very expensive, so we have to run Fleeting Expertise for a lot of efficiency.

Then we need to add a decent amount of range so we’re running Stretch and Augur Reach to hit as many enemies with Avalanche so we can do as much damage as possible and get as big of a shield as possible. And then we’re going to slap on Icy Avalanche which is going to augment our Avalanche and basically give us a small Iron Skin effect for each enemy hit by it. And the best thing about this is that it will give that shield to your allies as well if they’re within the range of Avalanche when its cast.

Now the last two mods for me are Redirection and Vitality because of 1300 shields and 740 health.

This Frost Build is just so good. It does a ton of damage. It has decent amount of crowd control because if the enemy doesn’t die from Avalanche they will still be crowd controlled for a while. And it makes you and your allies super tanky if of course they stay within the range of your Avalanche.

If you’re using the build efficiently and you’re not using it versus like a single enemy, so you’re hitting multiple enemies with each Avalanche and you’re basically providing free Iron Skin to your entire team while doing a ton of damage or crowd controlling. I can’t even tell you how many times I finished the mission with this Frost build and my entire team had zero damage taken because they were close enough to receive the buff from Icy Avalanche. And I’m not talking like, you know, capture or extermination mission on Earth. I’m talking like 12 excavators on Hieracon kind of stuff.

And another thing that I like about this Frost build is that you are not unnecessarily killing any of the abilities with it. So you can still use Ice Wave. You can still use Snow Globe. They’re just not going to be as good as when you focus on them with your build but there are still usable. So, if you are looking for a Frost Build that can do a little bit of everything and it’s great for solo play and party play this is definitely the build go for.

So, that’s pretty much it for the Frost Icy Avalanche Build. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful. And I’ll see you next time. Bye-Bye.