Hello everyone. Today we’re going to continue the Frost Builds series and check out Frost Snow Globe Build!

This Frost Build is focused on the Chilling Globe Augment and it’s also using Stand United as its Aura. This provides bonus armor to you and your allies, but it also increases the health of Snow Globe because the health of your Snow Globe is affected by power strength modes, but also armor mods. So, this is a fantastic Aura for a Frost setup like this. Then to boost the health of our Snow Globe even further, we have Power Drift, Intensify, and Transient Fortitude, which brings us up to 200% power Strength.

My Frost Snow Globe Build

To make Snow Globe a little bit cheaper so I can just plop it down whenever I want I’m using Streamline. And this is here because of the how a mechanic works if you cast a Snow Globe inside an already existing Snow Globe, you will just boost the health of the first Snow Globe rather than popping down another Snow Globe on top of it. This is a fantastic way to stack health on your Snow Globes.

And then using Primed Continuity which increases our duration a little bit and it kinda counters Transient Fortitude. This is mostly here because of the Chilling Globe Augment. Now what this augment does is it gives your Snow Globe a 50% chance to freeze the enemies solid when they walk into it for eight seconds, and this is affected by power duration. So, if you completely butcher your power duration, the enemy’s going to throw out almost instantly making this augment, kind of useless. After that, we are going to add some armor starting with Armored Agility, which is really nice because it makes you a little bit faster and Frost is really slow by default. Then we have Steel Fiber which just gives you a ton of armor and finally Vitality for a lot of effective health because it’s been protected by a ton of armor.

When do I use this Frost Build?

Now, I’m going to be honest here, this is by far my least used Frost Build and I only ever use it if I really don’t want something or someone to die. That’s pretty much it. It is, however fantastic at what it does. So, if you really don’t want to fail that mobile defense or a normal defense mission this is the kind of Frost build you want to use. Just run right up to the console or whatever you’re defending cast Snow Globe a couple of times and it’s not going to go down for a while. That is of course if a nullifier doesn’t jump on top of it. This kind of build makes missions where you can be stationary for a while very chill because we just plopped down Snow Globe most of the enemies will freeze when they try to go into the Snow Globe and if there’s too many of them and you have no way of taking them down and you can just recast Snow Globe and it’s going to spray them all over the tileset.

However, there is just how I personally use this build because I also see a lot of Frost players using this kind of setup in sortie assassinations and as upside I don’t do this personally, but I’ve been in plenty of groups where a single Frost basically trivialized a sortie three assassination by plopping Snow Globe in the right place. And, it’s even more effective if the boss arena is open or the boss summon some ads because most of them are going to freeze when they try to enter the Snow Globe.

That’s pretty much it for the Frost Snow Globe Build. So, I’ll see you in the next article of the Frosts Build series and we’ll check out Frost Avalanche Build. Bye-Bye.