Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe guide and Frame Fighter finally got released with Update 23.4. And in this guide I’m gonna show you guys how to unlock it and other warframes within that game mod itself.

How to access the Frame Fighter?

So, first thing you are going do go to your relay and then we’re gonna go ahead and talk to Cephalon Simaris because he’s actually what sells the little game console that we have to get to play Frame Fighter which you can place anywhere in your ship and then you can play Frame Fighter from the get-go. You can also buy Wyrmius and Happy Zephyr as well.

where to get Ludoplex to play frame fighter

Once you get into the relay open menu and click Fast Travel. Then choose Cephalon Simaris. After that go through this little console in the back and you want to buy Ludoplex. It costs you 50,000 standing. It’s kind of a lot of standing for something that not a lot of players use like not a lot of players pay attention to Simaris. But, get your 50,000 standing, get your Ludoplex then go back to your ship, and then what we got to do is have to place this in our ship.

Warframe Play Frame Fighter

I place mine in like the far back corner which is opposite of my little Void Relics. And to place it all you have to do is go into your equipment, going to landing craft, going to decorate, press one and then type in Ludoplex, select it and place it anywhere you want it to be. And that’s it.

Frame Fighter game mod

After that you can interact with it and now you can choose Frame Fighter to play in this game mod. Whenever we go into Frame Fighter we’re actually limited to three warframes. So, we have Excalibur, Mag, and Volt(if you already complete The Sacrifice quest you also have Excalibur Umbra).

How to Unlock Warframes for the Frame Fighter?

Frame Fighter locked warframes So, you are wondering how you can more warframes for Frame Fighter? And it’s all about going into missions and basically scanning Frame Fighter Fragments. This is done in a very similar way to the Cephalon fragments or the Somachord fragments. So, first equip a scanner into our gear wheel and it doesn’t matter what kind of scanner it is. I would also recommend you equip yourself with some form of loot radar whether it be Animal Instinct mod for your companion or something like Thief’s Wit for yourself which will highlight the Frame Fighter fragment on your mini-map. This is what it looks like and then you simply take out your scanner and scan it. And that’s actually it for that frame you only need to find one per frame.

Frame Fighter Fragment

How Frame Fighter Fragment looks like

And that’s not the only good thing about these fragments because they finally made it so that the different types of fragments don’t mix anymore. So, you can actually find a Cephalon fragment, a Somachord fragment, and a Frame Fighter fragment now in the same mission.

Now, just like with the Cephalon and Somachord fragments a certain frame fragments are tied to certain planets. So, you are gonna have to tour the Star Chart if you want to get all the frames. So, here are the different planets and the frame fighter fragments you can find on them.

  • on Earth you can get Hydroid and Gara
  • on Venus you can get Ivara, Banshee, and Khora
  • on Mercury you can find Rhino and Ivara
  • on Mars can find Inaros and Mirage
  • on Phobos you can get Nidus and Wukong
  • on Ceres you can get Frost and Oberon
  • on Jupiter you can find the Limbo and Valkyr
  • on Europa you can get Nova and Vauban
  • on Saturn you can get Ember, Nezha, and Zephyr
  • on Uranus you can get Ash and Equinox
  • on Neptune you can get Loki and Nyx
  • on Eris you can get Atlas and Mesa
  • on Pluto you can get Chroma and Trinity
  • on Sedna you can get Saryn and Titania
  • in the Orokin Derelict you can find Nekros and Octavia
  • on the Lua is where you will find Harrow

Frame Fighter Poster

Frame Fighter Poster

And upon collecting all the Warframes, you will be awarded a Frame Fighter poster.

And that’s pretty much it for the Frame Fighter guide. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.