Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe news article. And the Sacrifice update is finally here and it brought a bunch of new stuff. So, let’s talk about it in a spoiler-free manner as possible without actually skipping over any of the features. I won’t talk about the Sacrifice Quest or what happens in the Sacrifice Quest. I will let you discover that on your own but I will talk about the items that you end up with at the end.

So, the biggest feature is surprise surprise the Sacrifice Quest itself and I won’t mention anything about it because this is something you should play through yourself.

Customisable UI

Customisable User Interface Update 23

This update also introduced what I assume is the first part of the UI changes because not everything has been changed yet a lot of the things has stayed the way they used to be. But they did change a lot of other stuff. The new UI looks really good but what I like about it the most is that you can choose a different background, different themes, and even different sounds for the whole UI.

So, if you want to customize your UI simply go to the options then interface and click on UI customization.

Exalted Weapons

The Sacrifice update also introduced moddable exalted weapons for all warframes that have them. So, the exalted weapons that they have were no longer scale of your melee mods they will scale from the mods you put on the actual exalted weapons. And this goes for Ivara Artemis bow which can use all the mods you can normally put on a bow, Excalibur’s exalted blade, Wukong’s Iron Staff, and Valkyr Hysteria which will all use melee mods.

Then there is Mesa and her Regulator for Peacemaker which will use secondary mods. And the final one is Titania and she has changed a little bit. So, they buffed the Diwata which is her melee weapon that will be scaled with melee mods and they changed Dex Pixia to basically a secondary weapon. So, it will be scaled with secondary mods which are actually above because secondary mods are stronger than primary mods. Also, they gave her two V’s and a dash on both weapons by default so the forma shouldn’t be as crazy.

Excalibur Umbra

Then, of course, we got Excalibur Umbra who has the same stats as the Excalibur Prime because they did actually buff Excalibur Prime to have the same stats as Umbra. But they are not the same because Excalibur Umbra uses Radial Howl rather than Radial blind which first of all has a different animation but it will also remove all the damage resistances from sentience when you hit them with it.

Then on top of having the standard passage that you have on the Excalibur and the Excalibur Prime he’s also completely sentient when you’re in transference so he will actually run around and fight like a specter would and probably the biggest difference is that he has three Umbra polarities. This is a new type of polarity that you only have on Umbra and his weapon that I will talk about in a little bit.

Umbra Mods

New Umbra Mods with update 23 sacrifice

And it comes with three Umbra mods. We have Umbra Fiber, Umbra Vitality, and Umbra Intensify. These are kind of like set mods because they get stronger the more of them you equip. Now, these are basically prime mods so they’re very expensive to max out but you need to equip all of them to get their full power. If you, for example, look at Umbra Fiber it’s basically just Steel Fiber with a little bit of Tau resist on its own.

Now you can use these mods on a normal frame and they’re just like a prime mod. The problem with these is that you need to with all of them to get the full power they drain an immense amount of capacity just like a prime mod and you can’t add an umbra polarity through forma which means that if you want to use this on a normal frame you will have to forma around them. So, basically, everything and hope that you have enough capacity left to put them on.


Skiajati - Umbra's Nikana

And the second item we got with this update is the Skiajati which is Umbra’s Nikana. The Skiajati requires at least mastery rank 11. It’s really fast. It does a decent amount of damage most of which is a slash. It has high status somewhat average crit chance for melee weapons it’s not too high. And it has slightly below average crit multiplier.

Melee Umbra Mods

And as I mentioned already this one also comes with Umbra polarities but it also comes with Sacrificial Pressure which is Pressure Point with some extra sentient damage and Sacrificial Steel which is True Steel but once again some extra sentient damage. And just like with the Umbra mods you can use these or normal weapons you just can’t forma for them. So, you will have to forma around them which would be much easier to do on a melee weapon than a warframe.

I also find it a little bit odd that they went with Sacrificial Pressure since we do already have Primed Pressure Point.

New Cosmetics

new operators cosmetics came with sacrifice update

Then we got a bunch of new cosmetic. So, we have a full set of the Umbra armor. We got the Dax Syandana, new Umbra-themed Kubrow and Kavat Armor Sets, and some Operator Cosmetics.

Landing Craft Decorations

They also introduced a bunch of new items to the Ostron vendors in Cetus as well as Onkko. All of these are really expensive and I assume they’re all decorations for your landing craft which is actually pretty cool in my opinion because it will finally give me a reason to go back to Cetus and actually do bounties and stuff.

So, that were the most interesting parts of the Sacrifice update. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and the Sacrifice Quest if you’re on PC as well and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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