Hey guys. And today we’re going to continue Excalibur Builds series and take a look at Excalibur Exalted Blade Build which is focused around Exalted Blade and I’m gonna show you both the normal version and the Chromatic Blade one. The reason I separated them is that you want to use a different build on your melee weapon for each one.

So, for Excalibur Exalted Blade Build, I’m using Steel Charged as its aura. This is really good here because it adds a ton of mod capacity but it also increases the damage of Exalted Blade. And then I’m using Vitality and Steel Fiber for some extra tankiness which is kind of necessary because this build is designed to go up against high levels.

Excalibur Exalted Blade Build that I use

Then I’m using Fleeting Expertise that’s two ranks from the top to save some duration because duration affects the energy drain or Exalted Blade and with this build it drains less than one energy every second. But it’s also nice to have some extra duration for either casting Radial Blind or doing a slide attack with Exalted Blade which also pops a Radial Blind. So, this gives it some duration. And we combine that with Streamline for 170% efficiency. And then I’m using Primed Flow just to have a bigger bank of energy followed by Primed Continuity which balances out Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude which is combined with the Intensify and Power Drift for some power strength.

But Exalted Blade is also affected by a bunch of stuff on your melee weapon so you have generic damage so we had Primed Pressure Point. Then there is an attack speed so Primed Fury and Berserker which also works. It’s also affected by crit so we go with True Steel and Organ Shatter. And finally, some elemental mods which will add damage. It’s also affected by the melee combo multiplier but that’s really hard to stack with Exalted Blade nowadays because they’ve changed it to where you only register a hit for the combo if you hit the enemy with the actual Exalted Blade, not the waves. So, things like Body Count, Blood Rush and that kind of stuff doesn’t really work that well anymore. But even without those mods, the damage is still pretty good.

Exalted Blade is affected by mods on your melee weapon

Excalibur Chromatic Blade Build

Now, when it comes to the Chromatic Blade augment the best thing you can do in my opinion with this build is simply take out Primed Flow and put it there. And this is because as I’ve mentioned already this Excalibur build is super efficient and drains a less than one energy every second so you don’t really need the bigger energy pool. It’s just sort of a quality-of-life thing.

Now, the thing that’s gonna change the most with the addition of this augment is the build on your melee weapon. Now, you, of course, don’t have to run the exact same setup on your melee weapon that I’m using here it’s just the one that I found work the best for me.

So, we’re once again gonna use Primed Pressure Point for generic damage then Primed Fury for attack speed. But we’re gonna go with Condition Overload to get more melee damage as we proc status on the enemy. We’re still gonna go with True Steel, Organ Shatter, and Berserker because of the extra crit, crit damage, and attack speed but this time around we’re gonna top it off with two Dual Stat mods to get an extra status chance.

Excalibur Chromatic Blade is affected by mods on melee weapon

And this build is pretty good. This is like the ultimate Excalibur build. The Excalibur Radial Blind Build is nice, the Excalibur Radial Javelin Build is pretty good as well but this one… This is the bee’s knees right here. It does a ton of damage and it’s very flexible. You can change the energy color on your Excalibur which will change the type of damage it does with Chromatic Blade.

And just in case there is of like an enemy elemental enhancement sortie where the enemies don’t take any elemental damage whatsoever pretty much you can just take the augment off and put in flow to do physical damage instead. And I absolutely adored the efficiency of this build because as I’ve said already it’s super efficient it drains less than one energy per second with Exalted Blade out so you can pretty much just turn it on at the start of the mission and swing it around till the very end.

On top of that, though it also makes the other abilities very cheap so you can slash dash around, you can blind enemies with radial blind, and you can even pop Radial Javelin every now and then if you run into a room that’s filled with enemies. This Excalibur build is just awesome. It will take you through the entire Star Chart and you can do all sorties with it as well. It’s also very functional for all mission types which is awesome because what you get with a lot of builds is you have this one or two mission types that are just not that great but with this one you can do capture, exterminate, sabotage, spy, survival, defense, interception, defection, anything really, which is really cool as well.

And it’s I think why we get people like one of my clan mate that just plays Exalted Blade Excalibur nothing else he just loves the playstyle and he can just do whatever he wants with it which is awesome. So, yeah Excalibur a fantastic frame that can be built for a thousand different things, I mean I’ve had Excalibur for like four years and I still have a blast whenever I play him.

So, I think that says a lot and if you don’t have Excalibur already you should definitely go and get him. And if you do have Excalibur but you’re not quite sure how to build him I would recommend you check out some of these builds. You, of course, don’t have to copy them exactly you can tweak things here and there and customize them so they fit you and how you like to play and not look at my builds as if they were set in stone. You can tweak things here and there look at them as more of a template an idea for a build that you can customize for yourself.

Now, of course, all of these builds will work on the regular Excalibur as well as Excalibur Prime if you’re one of the lucky few that actually have him. And these builds should work on Excalibur Umbra once we get him as well.

And that’s pretty much it for the Excalibur Exalted Blade Build. So, I thank you very much for reading. As always guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful. And I will see you next time. Bye-bye

Original Excalibur Exalted Blade Build Video