Hey guys and today we’re going to take a look at Banshee and Banshee Prime specifically the Banshee Resonance Build which is a fantastic build that you can use in all kinds of different missions. It’s kind of like the most versatile one and it’s my most used Banshee build by far.

Besides Banshee Resonance Build I also use on Banshee another two builds: the Banshee Savage Silence Build and the Banshee Resonating Quake Build. But these builds I will show you next time.

So, for the Banshee Resonance Build, I choose Corrosive Projection as its aura because well why not? You might as well reduce the enemy armor while you’re putting weak spots on them, making them take more damage. It’s going to result in hilarious amounts of damage, especially if you cast the ability a couple of times and you overlay a couple of week spots. Then I’m using Primed Continuity and Augur Message so that both Sonar and Silence last a decent amount of time which are followed up by Stretch for some extra range.

Banshee Resonance Build that I use

Then I slapped on Primed Vigor, but you really don’t have to do this. I specifically formad in a D so I can put on a defensive mod. But if you are more confident with running around with Silence and actually avoiding damage, you don’t have to put in a defensive mod at all. I just like my frames to be a little bit tanky so that I don’t die if like a bombard sneezes in my general direction.

Then I’m using Resonance, which is an augment mod for Sonar that makes it so that if you kill an enemy by shooting their weak spot, it will trigger another free Sonar that will last for the remaining duration of the original one. This is why you want to have a decent amount of duration, but also some range. Then I wanted to have some efficiency so I slapped on Streamline because I’m always casting Sonar in silence, but I also use Sonic Boom a lot to knock down Eximus units and bombards and every now and then I will pop quake as well. And to top it all off, I’m using Intensify, Transient Fortitude and Power Drift mainly to increase the damage multiplier from Sonar.

Now, there’s kind of two ways in which you can take advantage of this Banshee build. You can either go for a very strong and accurate weapon, something like the sniper rifles, bows and stuff like that and actually aim for the weak spots or you can take an AoE weapon like the Ignis which will hit the weak spots no matter what. So, you can either use it with a really strong weapon and just maybe do even more damage than it already does, or you can take something that does just about enough damage and bring it up.

I use this Banshee Build a lot with my Ignis Wraith, especially when I’m fighting the Grineer or the Corrupted. It’s just a very nice build that flows really well. You will naturally spread the weak points by shooting at the enemies. You can use silence as an additional layer of defense and even Sonic Boom to knock down some of the tougher units like Eximus units or bombards and if you find a room that’s filled with enemies you can even pop quake for a bit.

So, that’s pretty much it for the Banshee Resonance Build. I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.